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Monday, 27 July 2015

San Sebastian travel photo diary

San Sebastian is the perfect weekend escape from London with beautiful beaches, amazing food and small enough not to need to rent a car or use public transport and just enjoy walking its beautiful streets. 
This small Basque city is now very much a foodie hub which is the main thing that attracted us to it and it did not disappoint - we pretty much ate our way through the city! Although there`s a huge range of Michelin star restaurants there are also a lot of amazing pintxos bars that are very affordable. If the weather allows a trip with the funicular to the top of the mountain is a must to admire the beautiful views.
san sebastian travel photo diary
san sebastian beach
san sebastian surfing
san sebastian hiking
san sebastian travel
san sebastian coast
san sebastian old town
san sebastian architecture
san sebastian streets
san sebastian pintxos bars
san sebastian jamon
san sebastian swimming
san sebastian
san sebastian centre
san sebastian boats
san sebastian green peppers
san sebastian view

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lobster and stuff at Randall & Aubin

I`ve been meaning to go to Randall & Aubin for a long time but this little seafood place in Soho is so popular that every time we passed it there was always a huge queue. Finally we got lucky one day and managed to find a table straight away for dinner. It has now become one of my favourite seafood places in London - I mean just look at that lobster! amazing!
My partner and I also shared a seafood platter and particularly enjoyed the beautiful oysters and mussels. 
randall and aubin review
randall and aubin lobster
Fries and heritage tomato salad - a must with lobster :)
randall and aubin soho
For dessert we went for this chocolate bad boy which was lovely although I would have loved if it the cake was a bit more moist.
randall and aubin dessert

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Top mouthwatering burgers in London

1. Bleecker St Burger
My number 1 favourite burgers go to Bleecker St Burgers which are amazing. Not too much bread and perfectly cooked meat.
bleecker st burger london
2. MeatMarket
MeatMarket is another favourite located in Covent Garden that has some awesome cheeseburgers. The venue is pretty cool as well.
best london burgers
3. Honest Burger
Although Honest Burgers are great, the rosemary chips are the ones that make me want to keep going back there. The burgers are more on the small side and famous for their onion chutney.
top london burgers
4. Patty & Bun
Yummy burgers although not a fan of the chips.
london burgers
5. Lucky 7
Lucky 7 is one of the first proper burgers I have tried in London located in Notting Hill. Although there is too much bread for me I still love this classic burger.
lucky 7 burger

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Favourite fashion, travel & lifestyle Instagram accounts to stalk

Instagram is probably my favourite social channel at the moment. I`m having my own little routine now which is checking my Instagram every morning and then every evening. Although I love taking photos for my own channel, I also really enjoy browsing through the wonderful pictures other people take and these are a few of my personal favourite accounts:

best fashion instagram accounts

best travel instagram accounts

best lifestyle instagram accounts

What are some of your favourite accounts to follow? You can find mine here.
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Dim Sum at Royal China Club

I love going for dim sum at least once every 3 -4 weeks. There`s a local Royal China in Fulham to which we go quite often but this time we decided to venture slightly further to the Royal China Club in Baker Street which is their more upmarket restaurant.
The dim sum was overall pretty good and I really enjoyed the Chinese roast pork puffs, beef noodles and chicken feet. The Shanghai dumplings were beautiful as well with a wonderful broth inside. My least favourite dish were the egg tarts which weren`t quite as they should be but generally it`s pretty hard to find a dim sum restaurant that makes all the individual dishes to perfection. Overall we`ve had a great lunch and I`m definitely looking forward to going back.
dim sum royal china
royal china club review
royal china club restaurant
royal china club london
royal china club dim sum
royal china club food
dim sum london

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Stylish Algarve Travel Guide

stylish algarve travel guide
Where to stay:
  • We stayed at the beautiful Vila Vita Parc resort which was an unforgettable experience. The hotel has its own private beach, 8 swimming pools, a Michelin star restaurant, spa, golf course, etc. You can pretty much spend your whole holiday in the hotel and not get bored.
where to stay in algarve
Where to eat:
  • Casual dining: Rei Das Praias, Restaurante Akvavit, Adega Vila Lisa
  • To impress someone: Boia, A Quinta
  • Michelin star restaurants - there are quite a few Michelin star restaurants in Algarve but a few notable ones are Sao Gabriel restaurant & Henrique Leis 
What to do in Algarve:
Best way to explore Algarve is by renting a car which gives you the option to check out all the different villages, towns, and beaches.
  • Beaches: Praia da Marinha, Praia da Rocha, Praia da Coelha, Praia da Falesia
  • Towns: Tavira Old Town, Albufeira, Lagos, Sagres
  • Outdoor sport: Algarve is perfect for hiking, sailing, golf, tennis and so on
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at a luxury spa located in one of the hotels
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Michelin star hangover lunch at Launceston Place

From partying in East London on Saturday night in weird bars to lunch in a Michelin star restaurant in West London on Sunday. Launceston Place provided us with the perfect hangover lunch. 
We started off with white polenta bonbon with tomatoes and duck egg with bacon and foie gras. Really enjoyed the polenta bonbon which was all gooey and amazing inside. The duck egg was lovely as well however there are quite a few restaurants doing a similar dish so it was less of a surprise compared with the polenta bonbon.
launceston place restaurant review
launceston place review
For mains my boyfriend had the beef roast, with a carrot so huge that even the waitress started giggling when she was explaining the dish, while I had the risotto with morels and 36 months parmesan. The star of the mains was definitely my risotto which was amazing! Very well cooked and some beautiful flavours.
launceston place sunday lunch
launceston place london
For desserts we had the gold rush apple and the strawberry cheesecake. Both were lovely and quite light.
launceston place desserts
launceston place food

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