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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bread In Common

Bread in Common is a lively restaurant in Fremantle, just 30 mins away from Perth city centre, perfect for large family or friends get-togethers dinners. The food is made for sharing with loads of small dishes and the cooking is Modern European. As I went here with my boyfriend and his family we got to try quite a few dishes which was great.
We started off with lamb ribs which were delicious. I always love ordering lamb and this one was cooked perfectly.
bread in common
The cuttlefish with peas and black bean was nice but didn`t really think the peas went that well with the fish.
bread in common perth
Rosemary potato chips, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
bread in common fremantle
I don`t remember for sure the name of this fish but I think it was cod which went well with the broth.
bread in common restaurant
One of my favourite salads didn`t disappoint: apple with spring onion, and kohlrabi. Love the mix of sweet and sour in this salad.
bread in common restaurant review
The dessert was the highlight of the night. There were loads of flavours going on: chocolate cookies, raspberries, ice cream, raspberry jelly, blueberries, but somehow everything worked really well together. We cleaned up the plate and we were ready to order another one.
bread in common review
bread in common dinner

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Monday, 23 February 2015

The Stylish Perth Travel Guide

perth travel guide
Where to stay in Perth:
  • Pan Pacific and The Richardson Hotel & Spa for a bit of luxury
  • Airbnb for blending in with the locals
Where to eat in Perth:
  • Brika: beautiful Greek food. Definitely recommend trying out the grilled dishes as they were delicious. You can find my review about Brika here.
perth travel tips
  • Duende - perfect for tapas
  • Bread in Common - amazing desserts and cute waiters. What more could you want?!
  • North Lake BBQ - a bit out of the way but the Chinese food here is one of the best I`ve ever had.
  • Bib and Tucker - for a delicious breakfast right on the beach. You can read my review herewhere to eat in perth
  • Toast - another cute place for breakfast but get there early in weekends as there`s always a huge queue waiting for a table
perth breakfast restaurants
  • Darlings supper club - Asian fusion with an extensive sake list
  • The Old Crow - didn`t get to try this one myself but a lot of the locals were recommending it to us 
Things to do in Perth:
  • Swan Valley - perfect for wine tasting and a nice relaxing lunch
  • Spotting koalas & kangaroos at the Caversham wildlife park - situated in Swan Valley which means you can then go pick some wine & cheeses on your way back
things to do in perth
  • Margaret River road trip for getting out of the city and trying out some wines
  • Boat trip to Rottnest Island
  • Check out Perth`s beautiful beaches: Leighton beach, Cottlesoe beach, Scaraborough beach
  • Catching the sunset at Kings Park - this place is beautiful and gives you an amazing view over the city
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Gymkhana London Restaurant Review

At the top of my 2015 restaurant wishlist was Indian and Pakistani inspired restaurant Gymkhana that just recently won its first Michelin star. The venue is very colonial Indian inspired with dim lights and dark coloured furniture making it perfect for a romantic date night. Overall the food & drinks were lovely and I`m definitely looking to go back and try one of their curries as well.
We started off with the potato chat and chickpeas which was amazing to have with naan although definitely more than just a snack as the plate was quite big and very filling. 
gymkhana potato chat
gymkhana london
The grilled prawns were my favourites of the night. Full of flavours and smokiness from the grill, they were fantastic. They were really spicy though so the moment I had the first bite my face went all red hahah. I must have drank like a full jug of water while eating these :).
gymkhana review
The wild muntjac biryani was delicious although quite filling due to all the rice so we didn`t manage to finish it all but it will definitely be a great dish to order if you come with a few friends so you can share.
gymkhana biryani
gymkhana restaurant review
The dessert was very interesting - a chocolate filled samosa with ice cream and burfi. The samosa went really well with the ice cream but didn`t really see the point of the burfi. Still a nice way to end a great meal.
gymkhana chocolate samosa

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Friday, 20 February 2015

White Suit in Singapore

women white suit
outfit singapore
singapore fashion
white blazer outfit
women white suit
white blazer women
all white outfit
blazer and shorts outfit
Last summery outfit before it`s back to coats and boots outfits. We took these photos in Singapore after a long day walking around the city trying to explore as much as possible of the great things this place has to offer. We got lucky with the weather as it was hot but not overly humid so it was still enjoyable to walk during the day. I`ve also done quite a bit of shopping while being there but my favourite thing was definitely the night food markets where I would happily stuff my face and fingers in some delicious chilli crab.

White blazer: Lavish Alice similar here 
White shorts: Lavish Alice similar here
Striped tshirt: Asos similar here
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sydney & Melbourne Travel Photo Diary

After two very relaxed weeks in Perth we headed over to Melbourne for a few days and then Sydney. Both are two fantastic cities but still quite different. Sydney is a beautiful city with palm trees everywhere and has more of a beachy lifestyle with wonderful weather all around. Melbourne is very European inspired, cool street art, and the weather resembles more to the one in London. It`s quite funny as the people I met in Melbourne say Melbourne is cooler than Sydney and the people I met in Sydney say Sydney is way better than Melbourne. Definitely a bit of a competition between the two which was quite amusing. 
sydney cbd
sydney bridgesydney opera house
sydney boat ride
sydney shopping
sydney william st
sydney cat
sydney cute streets
sydney opera house at night
sydney bridge at night
sydney travel photo diary
sydney travel diary
bondi beach
bondi beach view
sydney shopping area
sydney flowers
sydney street art
sydney manly beach

melbourne shopping
melbourne street art
melbourne streets
melbourne boutiques
melbourne trams
melbourne travel photo diary
melbourne travel diary
melbourne photo diary
melbourne shopping

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