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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Top 13 ways to get traffic to old posts

1. Search optimisation
Ensuring your articles are search optimised by having the right title and not something really vague like a song title, adding tags to your blog posts, interlinking from your other blog posts and using the right keywords, ensuring your photos are tagged, all these key elements can help your articles getting found on search engines. Although it can sound complicated Moz has a great beginners guide to SEO that you can find here.

2. Article roundups
Roundup articles of your previous blog posts like "Favourite luxury hotels of 2014" or "Your most loved blog posts of TPC in 2014" can be a great way of getting some new traffic to your old posts as well as giving you new content to work it.

how to get traffic to old posts

3. Linkwithin plugin
Linkwithin widget allows you to show related articles below your blog post.

4. Interlinking  
When writing new articles try to think whether there is anything in there that you can naturally link to one of your previous articles. For example if you`re revisiting a restaurant you produced a review before then you can naturally link to your previous article from your new blog post.

5. Get someone to mention you
Building relationships with other fellow bloggers can be a great way of promoting each other`s articles on social channels.

6. Repost on social channels
From time to time you can always repost articles that your readers have found interesting on your social channels such as on Facebook or Twitter.
increase blog traffic tips

7. Link to old blog posts in guest post articles
Collaborating with fellow bloggers or webmasters you have a good relationship with on articles can be a good way of linking to old blog posts naturally.

8. Have a popular section on the sidebar
A popular section on the sidebar can be an easy way of getting traffic to your most popular articles.

9. Check Google Analytics for popular articles and repurpose them into new articles
Your analytics can be a gold mine in terms of providing you with new topics that you can link to previous articles.

10. Use Pinterest
Pinterest is one of the best channels for getting traffic to your site. Make sure you pin your articles on a constant basis and add in the right tags to help increase the chances of your content getting found.
blogging tips

11. Use Stumble Upon, Reddit
Stumble Upon, Reddit can work especially well for more in depth articles and it only takes 2 minutes to use.

12. Enable email subscription
Quick win to keep your readers engaged on a constant basis.

13. Do a survey about your blog
Mini surveys such as "What has been your favourite travel blog post", "favourite outfit post", can a good way to re-showcase your best articles.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Styling the Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans outfit
styling boyfriend jeans
how to style boyfriend jeans
jeans and shirt outfit
spring style
boyfriend jeans and shirt
Sun is back in London town and it feels amazing! I have so much more energy when it`s sunny outside to actually leave my sofa in the weekends and do stuff. London really goes through a 180 degrees transformation as soon as summer comes and it becomes this really fantastic place where you love to live. People are happier, the pubs are surrounded by people outside everyday after work, flowing Pimms, loads of cool gigs and festivals all across town any day you want, the locals stop complaining about the weather, cool rooftop bars are re-opening, outdoor cinemas are preparing their schedule, and so much more. London has a lot of stuff going on anytime of the year but in summer it`s when everyone is running on extra energy.
We took these photo as the V&A museum which happens to be one of my favourite museums in London after seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition which was amazing! Really well thought out and executed, definitely worth seeing if you`re in London as I think it`s the best fashion exhibition I have ever seen.

Shirt: Topshop
Boyfriend jeans: Cheap Monday

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Monday, 13 April 2015

An Italian escape at The Savoy Florence

The Savoy is the perfect boutique hotel for a stylish city getaway. With an ideal location right in the heart of the shopping area and within walking distance of amazing restaurants and attractions (the Duomo is literally just around the corner), makes The Savoy a great choice for those with limited time in Florence. 
the savoy florence hotel review
1. The room
We had the double room which was quite small in size but very elegant. The best parts about it must have been the very high ceiling (I love high ceilings), which gave the room a very "royal" feel, and the bathroom which was beautiful and almost as large as the bedroom.
the savoy florence hotel
the savoy florence room
the savoy florence double room
the savoy florence
the savoy florence bathroom
where to stay in florence
2. The breakfast & other dining options
The breakfast was very Italian mainly focused around cold meats and cheeses and of course a cup of coffee. There are cooked dishes available to order but these are usually charged extra. Although I`m a huge breakfast person on this occasion I didn`t particularly mind as we were eating so much for lunch and dinner that we preferred a lighter breakfast.
the savoy florence breakfast
3. Spa/ fitness facilities
No pool or spa unfortunately, however there is a fitness facility although walking in Florence probably gives you enough exercise :).

4. The service
Beautiful service from everyone working there from the doorman (a charmer!) to the concierge that made us feel very welcomed. They even offered me a free tiramisu which pretty much made them in my eyes the best hotel on the planet!

5. Location
Situated in a large piazza the hotel has a great location within walking distance from all the main attractions and in the heart of the shopping area. The only downside is that it can get a bit touristy and busy especially during the afternoon in weekends so we usually walked across Ponte Vecchio where it was a bit quieter and full of local restaurants.

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Spanish Tapas Bar in Perth: Duende

There are quite a few tapas bars in Perth but Duende was the one most recommended to us by locals to try. It`s the perfect place to chill out with friends after a long day at the beach and have a lovely dinner. Australia has some amazing produce especially in terms of seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits and what we found wherever we ate is that the cooking always tries to respect the natural flavours and quality of the produce without overpowering it with complex cooking techniques.

The barramundi fillet with beetroot, orange, onion and olives was beautifully cooked and very refreshing on a hot night.
duende perth
Chargrilled squid with chorizo and fennel salad was one of the table favourites. Squid + chorizo = winning combination.
duende restaurant
 The chicken unfortunately was my least favourite though as I found it a bit too dry.
duende restaurant review
 Prawn & chorizo paella ball is one of the restaurants signature dishes and when looking around almost everyone had at least one on their table. It was actually really good so definitely worth trying.
duende review
 Lamb rump with smoked eggplant puree was lovely. I love anything with eggplant and the lamb went really well with the puree.
duende perth review
For dessert we had a somewhat deconstructed meringue lemon tart. There were quite a few bits going around and overall everything went well together except the strawberry chips which were a bit hard to chew and didn`t really add anything to the dish.
best tapas in perth

Duende on Urbanspoon
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Top 15 Foodie Destinations

I love experiencing a destination`s culture through its food. From cheap as sticks but delicious street food to Michelin star dinners, these 15 destinations have something for everyone.

1. Tokyo, Japan
I love how the food venues in Japan specialise in just 1 dish. You`ll have a place for yakitori, one for sushi, one for ramen, and so on. This means that each of these places strive to perfect their dish. Although not cheap, Tokyo`s food is amazing, from street food to Michelin restaurants. You can read more about my Japan food guide.
2. Rome, Italy
I love Italian food so Rome had to be somewhere at the top of my list: pasta, pizza, tiramisu, many delicious dishes to choose from.

3. Paris, France
There`s nothing new here, Paris has some great fine dining restaurants perfect if you want to impress someone. For French "street food" try one of their delicious rotisserie chickens. My boyfriend and I got one from a market in Montmartre and devoured it in like 5 mins. Not sorry at all. And of course let`s not forget the amazing French patisserie!
4. New York, USA
Similar to London, New York is a great place if you want to experience different cuisines.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam has some amazing and very cheap food overall but Ho Chi Minh City has a bit now of a foodie heaven.

6. Melbourne, Australia
The produce in Australia is very fresh and of very high quality and the chefs here enjoy simple cooking that preserves that high quality of ingredients. When in Australia breakfast is a must!
7. Copenhagen, Denmark
Holding the best restaurant in the world "Noma", Copenhagen is definitely a place for serious foodies with deep pockets. For something more affordable try the famous Danish hot dog from one of the local vendors. I had like two per day while I was there.
8. London, UK
A great place for food diversity, London`s food scene keeps getting better and better. And I`m not just saying that cause I live here :).  For more restaurant recommendations check out my restaurants blog section.
9. San Sebastian, Spain
Quite a small city but very focused on high quality food, San Sebastian is a definitely a hidden food gem.

10. Mexico City, Mexico
I love Mexican food: tacos, quesadillas, Margaritas, enchiladas. Mexico is one of the top countries on my travel wishlist.

11. Penang, Malaysia
Heaven for street food lovers, Penang has a great mix of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian food.

12. Tel Aviv, Israel
I have a few friends in Tel Aviv that always tell me how amazing the food is there. The food combines ingredients from Middle East with European cooking techniques.

13. Istanbul, Turkey
What makes Istanbul`s food so unique is the diversity of influences from different cultures. It`s unique position between Europe and Asia means you get the best of both worlds.

14. Hong Kong
Hong Kong was my first destination in Asia and I still hold some very fond memories of that place. One of the main things I love about Hong Kong is the delicious dim sum.
15. Chengdu, China
With the highest density of restaurants and teahouses in the world Chengdu is a foodie dream destination. The region`s cuisine specialises in Sichuan cuisine which is famously spicy.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Stylish Singapore Travel Guide

stylish singapore travel guide

Where to stay:
  • During my trip to Singapore I stayed at the beautiful Ritz Carlton which was absolutely amazing and I couldn`t recommend it enough for a luxurious getaway. 
where to stay in singapore

Where to eat:
  • For high end dim sum head to Summer Pavilion at Ritz Carlton hotel or Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific hotel
  • For a more affordable option but still delicious head to East Ocean or Man Fu Yuan
where to eat in singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands for drinks can be a bit touristy and overpriced but still has fantastic views over the city. 
best bars with view in singapore
  • Whatever you do don`t leave Singapore without trying some Hawker food (street food stalls). Pretty much anywhere we went the food was really good - especially the chilli crab (AMAZING!).
  • For something more special head to Iggy`s
  • For beautiful sushi head to Shinji by Kaneska
  • A decadent Sunday brunch is a must in Singapore: Bar and Billiard Room at the Raffels, Greenhouse Sunday brunch at the Ritz Carlton, Brasserie Les Saveurs at St Regis
Things to do:
  • Shopping of course: head to Haji Lane for quirky boutiques or Orchard Gateway, Ion Orchard, 313 @Somerset shopping centres for everything in one place. 
  • Check out Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam, Haji Lane for colourful architecture 
things to do in singapore
  • Explore the amazing Marina Bay Gardens in the evening and stay for the light show
  • Head to Sentosa Island for a fun getaway outside the city
  • Pamper yourself with a luxurious spa day at one of the amazing hotel spas all over the city
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Boho Playsuit

A few outfit photos that we took on the beautiful streets of Florence. This playsuit is one of the comfiest things I own and I love the boho details with the flare sleeves and drawstring neckline. The only downside with playsuits is when you have to go to the toilet and you realise you have to get half naked :). The things we have to do for fashion. Can`t wait for summer to come to actually be able to wear this without tights and boots.
On another note, I`m heading over to Berlin this weekend for Easter! If you have any travel tips of things to do & see let me know. This will be my first time in Berlin so I`m keen to explore as much as possible even though it looks like it`s going to be freezing cold.
Playsuit: Mango
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