Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Dreams: The Best Warm Weather Footwear

With the summer set to be a long and (hopefully) hot affair, getting your hands on some cool and comfortable shoes is vital. Pumps, plimsolls and espadrilles have all been thrust into the limelight of late, and their lightweight and versatile design combines with breathable fabrics to make them the quintessential summer shoe.

Multi-purpose shoes for a multi-purpose individual

When you’re struggling to cope with the demands of everyday life and the temperature is pushing 30˚C, you don’t want to be wearing heavy leather boots. Flip-flops or sandals might work, but they lack practicality for individuals who are constantly on the move. If you’ve ever run over your toes with a shopping trolley, you’ll know what we mean.

Pumps, plimsolls and espadrilles are the perfect footwear compromise. Great with skirts, shorts or jeans, they can multi-task as well as you can, and because they won’t break the bank, you can treat yourself to more than one pair.

You get what you pay for

The only drawback to these kinds of shoes is that they might not be the most durable, and those who subject them to regular use may find themselves replacing them on a frustratingly-regular basis.

However, this usually has less to do with the design of the shoe and more to do with the manufacturer. A cheap or poor quality pair of shoes might last a few months, whereas products from respected brands like Lacoste will last through this summer – and the next.

Lacoste has a great range of summer classics – from slip-on pumps to wedge plimsolls and lace-ups. There’s also a range of cool Velcro trainers if you fancy a slightly sturdier option that still gives your feet the chance to breathe. With plenty of colours and styles to choose from, you’ll always find a suitable pair for whatever outfit you’re wearing, making them the perfect choice this summer.

The only shoes you’ll need this summer

Along with the standard vest top, sunglasses and shorts, pumps, plimsolls and espadrilles are the essentials of any summer wardrobe. And if the summer is as nice as we’ve been promised, they’ll see a great deal of wear, allowing you to look effortlessly stylish whilst enjoying the summer sun!

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