Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Today`s Outfit: St. Paul Cathedral

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Photos by Diana Pascu
(Seashells Vintage trench coat, Topshop military shirt & black skinny jeans)

Last weekend one of my best friends came over from Manchester so we spent all Saturday walking around London and mostly getting lost. We took these photos on the bridge from Tate Modern Art Museum to St. Paul Cathedral. I must admit that some of the pieces in Tate were a bit too "modern" for me. Every time I found a chair I was confused if it was an actual chair to sit on or another of the pieces exhibited. 
In the last two photos you can see the Cathedral which we didn`t really get a chance to visit inside because we were too hungry and desperate to find a place to eat. I`m pretty sure God would disapprove of this so I guess my place in heaven has been rebooked for someone else. 

Alina Anghel.xx

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  1. Did you managed to go up to the cathedral's tower?
    I have been there, the view is amazing!

    x, Csengi
    Act like you.