Tuesday, 26 March 2013

London: Dior Exhibition at Harrods

On Sunday I went to see the Dior Exhibition at Harrods that has already been open to the public for a few days and will run till 14 April. The exhibition celebrates the longstanding relationship between the British luxury department store and the historic French fashion house. Which shows that the British and French really do get along :).
The pieces displayed include some of the early works of Christian Dior but also a few of the recent pieces of Raf Simons.
 photo diorexhibitionharrods.jpg  photo diorexhibition.jpg

This is probably the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and is a creation of Raf Simons. The dress took approximatively 900 hours to make and is composed of hundreds of tiny silk mousseline flowers.
 photo diorexhibition2.jpg

Inside this booth you can feel the Miss Dior perfume while watching Natalie Portman`s commercial for the brand on small screens all over the walls.
 photo diorexhibition1.jpg  photo diorexhibition3.jpg  photo diorexhibition4.jpg

Another gorgeous dress by Christian Dior that was worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1956 for Harper`s Bazaar. As you can see, the waist of this dress was very tiny!
 photo diorexhibition6.jpg  photo P3241860.jpg

I`m sure most of you recognise this gown as it`s the one worn by Charlize Theron in the J`adore perfume tv advert.
 photo diorexhibition7.jpg  photo diorexhibition5.jpg  photo image.jpg
Excluding the designs, I must say I actually enjoyed this exhibition more than the Valentino one  as I thought they put more thought into making it more exciting and visually appealing. Everywhere there were small Dior treasures such as a gigantic Dior handbag and an installation that imitated the first Dior shop, also there is staff everywhere ready to give you more details about each piece. So if you are in or around London you should definitely check it out!

Alina Anghel.xx

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  1. Beautiful experience, love your look!

    New post: http://valefashionworld.blogspot.it/2013/03/inspirations-16.html

  2. ur lookin amazin!!! so chic dress!!!! so lovely blouse with dotted bow!!! amzin post))) have a lovely day)))) xoxo

  3. wow, fantastic dresses!

    I like your dress, too but I think it´s better to wear it with heels!


  4. I love the first dress! Is absolutely gorgeous, your look was fantastic, i wish i could visit that exhibition too

  5. Thanx so much for sharing dear.
    Such stunning pictures,how I love Dior!
    Of course you look GREAT!
    Have a great week xoxo

    Tamara Chloé


  6. I discovered your blog recently! You are a beautiful girl and you have an especially wonderful fashionstyle:)
    Excuse my curious question but I'm interested in the simple. How tall are you and what size you need in tights? Thanks for the answer and have a nice day. Love Ina

  7. I'm happy I took a look at your blog after seeing your comment on mine! Will definately be following it. And I love those dresses. Do you live in London?

    1. thank you Freja! yes, I live in London :). xx

  8. you look awesome... I absolutely love this sophisticated and super cute outfit... and awesome photos... :D
    I'm your newest follower via BLOGLOVIN' :)


    1. thank you sweetie! hope to see you again on the blog! xx

  9. Excuse my bad English but still I want to tell you how lovly you are! I'm surprised how beautiful you are! You are the bigger attraction as Big Ben or the Tower! London can be happy appreciate you as a citizen have to! You have a good figure and magnificent hair and beautyful legs!!! Perfect! Keep it up.
    Hug and kisses Udo

  10. Very cute look, love the leather dress!


  11. wow that looks great! and so do you :) love the little tie scarf thing

  12. The dresses are so beautiful, I'm dying..
    And love your skirt by the way ;)



    1. thanks Mymy! the dresses were indeed gorgeous! xx

  13. Thaks for your comment! Yove your dress!
    Kisses form Madrid!


  14. I love your dress, Where is it from? x

  15. These dresses are really do amazing i like it soooooo much. beautiful

  16. This must've been amazing, can't believe I missed it, where was I ? :D Love your outfit, too