Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Today`s Outfit: The Suspender Dress

suspender dress

suspender dress

zara suspender dress

black suspender dress

black suspender dress

suspender dress
(Zara black suspender dress, Zara black slingback heels, H&M striped top)

This dress was one of those amazing lucky finds. It was the only one left (surprisingly in my size!) and was somewhere hidden on a rack that no one seemed to pay attention to. I`m not sure if it sold out or it was just left there from the previous seasons as I couldn`t find it online either, but for me, it was like all the shopping Gods aligned for me in that moment. 
Anyway, yesterday evening I tried cooking dinner. It ended up horribly wrong. The thing is, I know I`m not a good cook so most of the time I stay away from the kitchen but once in a while I seem to forget and try to make some recipe I think it`s easy but always proves the opposite. At least this experience will keep me away from the time being from the stove.

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Monday, 29 April 2013

My Pinterest Boards

I`ve had a Pinterest account for ages but I never had the time to actually Pin stuff till yesterday when I basically spent half of day just looking at inspirational photos. Someone should have warn me how addictive this is!
If you wish, you can follow me HERE :).

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

A lazy person`s top tips for finding motivation to exercise

I`ve been very very lazy in my life when it comes to exercise but recently I`ve been trying to live healthier, eat better foods and work out more. I`ve been learning how to swim (yes, yes you can laugh now), I`ve been riding my bike in weekends, going to the gym for classes, and even went out running in the mornings! Something I didn`t ever think I would do since I don`t usually run for anything…not even sales, or cookies. However, I still find it hard sometimes to get up and actually do some training so here are my top tips for finding motivation to exercise.

Browse photos of extremely attractive and fit people

There`s nothing more motivating for working out than looking at photos of very fit people. The Victoria`s Secret annual show usually does wonders for me! For extra body envy Pinterest is also a good source. Here a couple photos to help you get started:

Fashionable sportswear

Another excuse for shopping! Getting fashionable & comfortable sports clothing can definitely help in getting your ass off the couch. And most of the pieces you can mix and match with your other clothing for a quick change to a day outfit. I wore my Nike running shoes in this outfit last weekend.

For more inspiration, you can have a look on JD for a huge range of sportswear clothing and shoes, including Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Puma. 
running shoes

Kickass workout music

Swedish House Mafia- Greyhound

Florence & The Machine- Sweet Nothing

Hilltop Hoods- Recapturing the Vibe

Audioslave-Light My Way

Robyn-Dancing on my own

Abusive workout partner

Forget about paying money for a personal trainer, find a workout partner that screams at you, drags you to the gym, and keeps torturing and pushing you throughout the training. Most friends or boyfriends/girlfriends will enjoy doing this for free!

Cookie reward at the end

Exercising for the final reward? Sounds good to me! It can be anything from a cookie to a designer treat if you let`s say manage to stick to your training & diet plan for a year. And yet another excuse for shopping!

Do you have any other tips that you would add to this list?

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Today`s Outfit: The Nude Dress

(Warehouse nude dress, Asos Hong Kong nude sandals)

London is looking beautiful this time of year. The weather is warm but with a bit of breeze, the streets are full of blossomed trees, and the cute colourful houses look even prettier now that it`s sunny. I`m definitely enjoying the fact that I don`t need to wear a coat to go out, and jeans and t-shirts are enough.
I wore this outfit during the weekend and it`s almost like this dress and sandals were made for each other. Both are nude and both have golden metal details. The beautiful back of this dress cannot be ignored either which makes it the perfect dress for a night out.

How are you enjoying Spring?

Alina Anghel.xx

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Borough Market London

We had gorgeous weather this past weekend in London so on Saturday after a long morning in bed we decided to go to Borough Market in Southwark which is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. Before you go ahead and scroll down I should warn you that this post is gonna be heavily food focused and will possibly make you hungry :).
borough market
I loooovee green olives so I was the first in line to try these babies.
borough food market
 Wheatgrass shots anyone?
borough market 2

borough market london

borough market london 3
borough market london 1

borough market london 6

borough market
A few hours later and a couple of pounds heavier, we went home with bags full of food and we decided that we need to lose some of those pastries and cheeses so we took our bikes and went for a ride to a river near by where we laid on the grass, ate some more, and pondered about the world.
borough market
borough market london
borough market
 (Vintage blazer from Paris, Cheap Monday green jeans via Zalando/ similar HERE, Zara black top, Nike trainers/ similar HERE)

How was your weekend?
Alina Anghel.xx

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Blogging your way to the front row review

blogging your way to the front row
blogging your way to the front row 1
blogging your way to the front row 2
blogging your way to the front row 3
For the past few days I`ve been reading Yuli Ziv`s book "Fashion 2.0: Blogging your way to the front row. The insider`s guide to turning your fashion blog into a profitable business and launching a new career". A very long title I know and probably most fashion bloggers are only interested in the getting to the front row bit. 
Yuli Ziv is the founder of the successful "Style Coalition" and has been working as a full time blogger for years so she definitely knows a thing or two about professional blogging. The book is divided into 4 chapters: Planning, Content, Relationships, and Revenue. Although I`ve been blogging for almost 3 years now and I got the chance to experiment quite a lot with my blog and work with brands as well as working full time as a social media expert in London, I still found some really good tips in this book.
Creating a business plan, setting targets and timelines for your blog are definitely great ideas that are so easy to ignore when you work for yourself but so beneficial when you actually do implement them. 
The tips around building relationships with brands and other bloggers such as going to blogger conferences, meetups or other related events are also quite useful in building your network and establishing yourself as a professional blogger. 
The book also provides a couple of interviews from successful fashion bloggers such as Galadarling or Jessica Quirk from WhatIWore that are less about fashion and more about how they made their blog successful and their main revenue channels which is quite interesting to read.
Overall the book is quite easy and enjoyable to go through. I`ve finished it in a couple of days just by reading it on the tube on my way to work and I fully recommend it especially if you just started blogging and are looking for some tips.

You can buy it from Amazon here:

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Portobello Market London

On Saturday morning we went to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. I always wanted to go there but never got the chance even though it`s very near from where I live. Needles to say that I loved it, even more than Brick Lane which I think has become less about vintage, antiques, and second hand, and more about imported goods. 
I bought 2 posters for the flat from this shop that had thousands of rusty boards. 
portobello market posters

The famous colourful houses in Notting Hill.
notting hill

I was thinking that the owner of this house muse be highly annoyed all the time as there were tons of tourists taking  photos in front of it, including me!
portobello market london

notting hill outfit
Loved the street musicians like this rock`n`roll band. The dog wasn`t so impressed though.  
portobello market music
portobello market singer

portobello market

amy winehouse painting
cute tea pots

red cardigan

red coat
notting hill outfit
We finished the day with lunch at Lucky Seven which is an American style diner and has the most amazing, mouth-watering burgers I`ve had in my life!
best burger london
american diner
Just look at this bad boy!
burger lucky seven
vintage coca cola
(Red vintage cardigan from Paris, H&M striped top, Topshop black skinny jeans, Marc B. handbag)

The weather was really nice so for the outfit I wore this bright red cardigan I got from Paris. Bye bye scarves, gloves, and long coats!

Alina Anghel.xx

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