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Blogging your way to the front row review

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For the past few days I`ve been reading Yuli Ziv`s book "Fashion 2.0: Blogging your way to the front row. The insider`s guide to turning your fashion blog into a profitable business and launching a new career". A very long title I know and probably most fashion bloggers are only interested in the getting to the front row bit. 
Yuli Ziv is the founder of the successful "Style Coalition" and has been working as a full time blogger for years so she definitely knows a thing or two about professional blogging. The book is divided into 4 chapters: Planning, Content, Relationships, and Revenue. Although I`ve been blogging for almost 3 years now and I got the chance to experiment quite a lot with my blog and work with brands as well as working full time as a social media expert in London, I still found some really good tips in this book.
Creating a business plan, setting targets and timelines for your blog are definitely great ideas that are so easy to ignore when you work for yourself but so beneficial when you actually do implement them. 
The tips around building relationships with brands and other bloggers such as going to blogger conferences, meetups or other related events are also quite useful in building your network and establishing yourself as a professional blogger. 
The book also provides a couple of interviews from successful fashion bloggers such as Galadarling or Jessica Quirk from WhatIWore that are less about fashion and more about how they made their blog successful and their main revenue channels which is quite interesting to read.
Overall the book is quite easy and enjoyable to go through. I`ve finished it in a couple of days just by reading it on the tube on my way to work and I fully recommend it especially if you just started blogging and are looking for some tips.

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  1. "Blogging Your Way to the Front Row" by Yuli Ziv looks like it has some excellent advice and tips in it. Although I'm a lingerie fashionista blogger who would love to get the millions of page views some fashionistas get (I've only had around 110,000 page views) I'm not interested in making money from it. I do think, however, that a number of the fashionistas who have commented on my blog past and present do want to make money from it. Strike that. I KNOW some of them are wanting to make money (and probably do) via their fashion blogging - and I love their blogs. I have noticed that bloggers who leave a lot of comments on other blogs and have social media accounts (I'm only on Twitter, YouTube and Blogger) tend to get a lot of views and comments in return.

    The of advice by Yuli Ziv about choosing brands you want to do business with makes sense. There must be a lot of other good tips in the book. If I wanted to make money from blogging there would probably be a lot of lingerie and clothing brands that would have their ads on my blog pages (there are none there currently), and I would probably be getting out in public being more visible (I'm a recluse).

    Anyway, the book and the advice sound good. I love your blog and would love it if you happened to feel like stopping by mine to leave a comment.

  2. This looks like a great read! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Hi Alina, thanks for this post.

    There are many ways to promote businesses via internet. The hobby of blogging can also be monetized. If your blog qualifies for 'adsense' it will bring good revenue. As you know adsense is provided by google and is very reliable.

    For a model or someone in the fashion business, blogging is a wonderful way to make people aware about your brand. It is a methid of expressing personality; a platform for showcasing your creativity.

    All the best, you have talent, no doubt about it. You also have good writing skills.

  4. a book about blogging? a bit crazy or?
    but it makes me nosey.