Monday, 29 April 2013

My Pinterest Boards

I`ve had a Pinterest account for ages but I never had the time to actually Pin stuff till yesterday when I basically spent half of day just looking at inspirational photos. Someone should have warn me how addictive this is!
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  1. I don´t know pintrest. mayby I should try

  2. I don't have a Pinterest account but I've started paying attention to the fact that many people do. Since I would love to have my own photos shared I've started cropping the photos I post to to 400 x 400 pixels just in case someone wants to "Pin" them. Speaking of photos, Your icon photo is beautiful! Is that perchance the lead photo from your January 21st, 2013 post titled: "Today's Outfit: White Lace Blouse"? You have done a lot of gorgeous outfit posts. I have trouble getting past the legal mumbo-jumbo of the terms of so many sharing sites that I haven't taken advantage of many. I do have some Photobucket and Twitpic photos out there but don't know how shareable they are. Is Pinterest free and do they still try to make ownership claims of some sort or has that been sorted out? I just checked out your Bright pink lips Pinned photo from your "Beauty Inspo" category. Pretty :)

  3. Lovely look! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ;)