Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blogging Tips: How To Find Motivation To Blog

I sometimes get emails from young girls that have just started their own blog and wonder if I can give them some blogging tips. As probably many of you have experienced, there have been times since I started blogging that I also felt uninspired to write. When you have a full time job or you`re in full time education and you barely have some free time to spend with your friends or family it becomes harder and harder to commit full time to your blog as well. So here are some tips for finding motivation to blog when having a chocolate cake just won`t work.
pro & con list

1) Pros & Cons List
Make a short list with all the pros & cons of you blogging. Although you might have an arms length of small cons such as “I don`t know what to post anymore”, as long as you have one good pro then, as Metallica says, nothing else matters. 
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2) Take some time off
Taking a few days off from blogging (and all online tools if possible), can be very beneficial for you and your blog. I usually tend to take a few days off when I`m in holiday and although sometimes I still gather material for my blog while I`m there, I only post it when I come back home.

3) Friends or family support
Sometimes you just need that extra push from someone that knows you and your blog and can motivate you to keep writing.

4) Find inspiration from your best past posts
Look through your most popular posts and try to find out why your readers liked them so much.
Was it the content? The catchy title? The promotion you did to bring people back to your site?
Alicia Silverstone clueless

5) Get inspired
Read your favourite blogs, watch your favourite movies, go to theatre, gigs, anything that helps you find inspiration for your next article.

6) Set goals 
Write down the main reason you are blogging. Is it purely to share your passion? Is it to support your business or school research? This will help you then define your main goals for your blog: getting traffic back to your business site, monetizing the blog, getting a certain number of visits per day, etc.

7) Ask for advice from your readers
Create a poll on your blog and on Facebook & Twitter and ask your visitors what do they like about your blog and what not. 

8) Network with other bloggers
Find meetups or blogger networking events where you can chat with other bloggers and exchange tips.

9) Create a routine
It`s much easier to keep blogging when you set yourself a blogging schedule.

10) Don`t give up
Last but not least, don`t give up! If you`re passionate about your blog, then keep pushing through, believe me, it`s worth it!

Are there any other tips you would add to the list?

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  1. excellent tips :D

  2. Great post Alina :) We like your blog! Hope we can follow each other :)

  3. Great tips Alina! I also find myself uninspired sometimes, and my blog has had its ups and downs in the 3 years since I started writing it, but I never gave up on it. :) I love to write, so I keep going. :)

    I feel the most inspired when something exciting happens in my life, whether it's a good piece of news I've found out, or an event I attended, or a good book I've read, or a movie I've watched (I also write movie and book reviews, besides writing about fashion).

    I like to attend different exhibitions in Toronto and then write about them. This summer there are so many exhibitions in Toronto I would like to see, I hope I'll be able to attend at least a part of them, if not all of them. :)


  4. I totally need and get this post, i'm in college studying fashion and art to my coursework is so heavy then i have my job which takes time and its just difficult to find the time to sit down and load up the blog, thank you Alina xx

  5. HI Alina!! I like so much this post.
    I think the most difficult is to get the inspiration ;)
    Thanks for visit my blog. Kiss. V

  6. Thanks for the tips from!
    I find it most difficult to get audience attraction. :/

  7. This post is so useful, I find that support from others is what works best for me, 'cause even if I blog because I like it, is so rewarding when someone else likes it too!

    xoxo from Girls that glitter love the dark

  8. This is so sweet of you to do, some great tips!

    x karen

  9. There many online motivational quotes of famous personalities. You can post them on your blog.

  10. Love this. I will think about a few of these quotes the next time I need more motivation/inspiration. I often look for good inspirational books to help motivate me as well. An author that I have found extremely helpful is Susan Spira, author of "Happy Shorts", "The Happy Tips Book", and "One-Liners For Life." Her book "The Happy Tips Book" especially left me feeling uplifted, encouraged, and motivated to grab life by the horns!