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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Don`t upstage the bride: Best dresses to wear to a wedding

How annoying is it when you go to a party and someone has gone with the same style as you but done it just a little better. It becomes even more annoying when the party is for you, yet someone upstages you. So imagine how much worse it feels when you get upstaged on your wedding day. The wedding day is supposed to be the happiest and most wonderful day of any woman’s life, so if you upstage her, she will remember it… forever…
With that in mind, I thought I would put a few tips together that will allow you to still look beautiful, but without drawing the attention away from the bride.
Well, not too much anyway.

1.    The most important piece of advice I want to offer is to be modest – choose something tasteful that doesn’t show off too much inappropriate skin. A little cleavage is fine, but having them propped up and on display might give the older relatives a heart attack.

2.    Choose something knee length if possible – by choosing a mid-length dress, you are prepared for any likelihood of overly cold or overly warm weather. It also means that should you have one too many glasses of champagne at the open bar, you won’t end up accidentally flashing anything to the rest of the wedding party.

3.    Go with something in a neutral or pastel shade. Bright colours tend to be very eye catching and noticeable, and so may take the attention away from the bride. It may also make you stick out in the wedding photographs, which is not what the bride is likely to want! Neutral shades can be beautiful, but will be less distracting.

4.    Finally, don’t wear an excess of white – the white fairy-tale dress is the staple of the dress. It means purity and elegance, so it should only be worn by the bride as a statement of her new marriage. If you want to go pale, choose simpler designs in a champagne or cream colour. 

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  1. Great selection! I've been to many weddings where guests wear white, poor decision!

  2. amazing and super useful post since now it's wedding season..
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  3. How annoying is it when you go to a party and someone has gone with the same style as you but done it just a little better.