Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gold Watches for Women

gold watches for women
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs blade watch/ 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry watch/ 3. Michael Kors MK3179
4. Michael Kors MK5160/ 5. Vivienne Westwood watch/ 6. Zadig & Voltaire watch

I`m currently looking for a golden watch so for the past few days I`ve been browsing through all online shops for the perfect one. I prefer watches that are have a larger strap but in the same time with a feminine and classic design. I managed to narrowed it down to these 6 but now I can`t seem to decide which one I like more.
What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Alina Anghel.xx
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  1. a hard choice. 4 or 6. are my favorites!

  2. They are sooo beautiful!

    xx Oksana

  3. Lovely watch ♥ XOXO

  4. Hi,
    Clicked the links and researched thoroughly.

    First item, didn't like the bold letters on the outer rim. The dial is also golden, milky white is the best. Moreover the link says it has just sold out :) , You? or someone who was reading this post?

    Again the dial is golden in color with the second one. Looks like it is large too.

    Third one, the item is not available for shipping to the UK, it says. The dial color? White or light golden?

    Fourth, the link took me to a pair of shoes ! No way, it cannot be a wrist watch ! :)

    Fifth is cute, only difference of opinion is the dial color !

    Yes, the sixth one is the best. Cute, slim and elegant. Butterflies are nature's purest and cutest organisms. Look at the beatiful clear dial, waw...a beautiful design by Thierry Gillier, the french designer !
    A very girlish watch...

    Well... we haven't discussed the much better one for you !

    Check this link

    Do we need to elaborate more ?

  5. My choice: 3 & 4 they are perfect! I love MK watches! :) Kisses :*

  6. Hello there!
    Those watches look great!
    I would personally chose no.1

    Regarding gold watches, this is what i got for myself when i was in Switzerland recently.

    (that's my blog link,btw)
    Is that the kinda style you'd be leaning toward to?
    If it is, feel free to contact me, i'll be more than happy to give you more details about the watch.
    Hope this helped!!

  7. Loveeee both the MK watches!

    PS! There's a giveaway on my blog atm - you could win a Daniel Wellington watch of your choice (worth £200!)

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  8. I looove the third watch!