Monday, 3 June 2013

My Favourite Hair Products

Surprisingly most of the comments I get from you are regarding my hair so I thought I`d make a post with all my current favourite hair products. 
Starting off with a bit of history of my hair (who doesn`t love a bit of history, huh?), I`ve first changed my colour at 15 and I haven`t had my real hair colour since then. Many have asked me what`s my natural hair shade but to be honest, I don`t actually remember. I`ve tried many, many times to let my hair grow and go back to my original roots but I never had the patient and always went back to blonde.
I`ve went from highlights to brown, black, slightly redhead, but always turned back to blonde as I feel it`s the colour that suits me the most. And because I`ve had so much colouring done I try to invest in really good products that can soothe my seriously abused hair. 
blonde hair products
These 5 bottles of goodness are my saviours! I`ve searched long and hard for products that suit me and I think I`ve finally found "the ones".
blonde hair products
 1) The Shampoos & Conditioner

I use the Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo in turns during the week with the Joico Color Theraphy Shampoo. The violet shampoo is perfect for blonde hair as it keeps the ashy tone in my hair for longer and prevents it from going too yellow. I always use afterwards the Joico Color Theraphy Conditioner which is perfect for damaged and coloured hair.
joico color endure violet shampoo
2) The Deep Treatment

This baby you can find in Boots for £5 !! It leaves my hair smooth as silk and definitely kicks the ass of a lot of expensive masks and treatment products that are out there.  
aussie 3 minute miracle treatment
 3) The styling oil

I`m on my second bottle already of the Moroccan Oil treatment and it has really helped me a lot. I used to straighten my hair before every time after washing it as it was really curly and frizzy but with this I don`t need to do that anymore. 
I apply it on towel dried hair before rough drying and next morning I have lovely, soft, slightly wavy hair.
moroccan oil treatment
What are your favourite hair products?

Alina Anghel.xx

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  1. tare-mi doresc sa incerc uleiul !

  2. You have beautiful hair and I adore all these looks:D

  3. Oh I love Joico! Smells sooo good!

    xx Oksana [new post]

  4. Love your hair! :)

    Pink Confessions