Sunday, 23 June 2013

Travel: Poznań, Poland Photo Diary

 On Thursday I left London for the sunny and picturesque Poznań, which is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Although we stayed only 2 nights we had some amazing weather and got the chance to roam the city`s old streets, and eat delicious Polish food.
Unfortunately I didn`t get the chance to take as many photos as I would have wanted to but here are a couple taken with my Iphone.

The old town`s small streets are filled with terraces, restaurants & bars and people usually stay out till morning. On one of this quirky streets I got the chance to meet my date for the night: Charlie Chaplin. I like that he put an effort to dress up for our date.
poznan poland
Our hotel was right in the centre and had a lovely art deco design. Each room was inspired by a different city in the world.
poznan poland
I also met my evil twin in the bathroom of a Polish restaurant. Btw, how cute is that pink sofa?
poznan poland
 As it was really hot during the day (over 32 degrees!!) we mostly walked outside during the night. This cathedral was in the old town`s square.
poznan poland
 Finally this is one of the few times when I actually remembered to take a photo of the food BEFORE I ate it. These are Polish style dumplings filled with cabbage and topped with crispy bacon. Amazingly good!
poznan poland

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