Thursday, 18 July 2013

Travel Photo Diary: Barcelona

These photos are making me miss Barcelona even more. It`s such an incredible, vibrant, and beautiful city that I would definitely consider moving there. I know that I sound now more like someone from the Spanish tourism office trying to sell you a trip to Barcelona but it`s really that amazing!
We started all our mornings with a very hearty breakfast. I don`t know about you, but I LOOOVEEE a good hotel breakfast and this one my friends, was the best I`ve had so far. The pancakes were made right in front of you as well as the orange juice, and you had tons of varieties of cheeses, cold and warm foods, fruits, and pastries! By the end of it I barely could walk and I needed to unbutton my shorts which is always a sign of a good meal :). 
Our hotel was right in the old centre of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter which made it really easy to get around. This is the lovely view from the rooftop.

We couldn`t leave Barcelona without visiting some of Gaudi`s masterpieces such as Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell.
 Both the interior and the exterior of Casa Batllo are extraordinary as Gaudi has tried to avoid straight lines completely in its design and inside you feel like you`re walking in a house right out of a fairytale story.
 I must say that I`ve seen so many cathedrals in my life that there is rarely one nowadays that impresses me. Except La Sagrada Familia. It`s the most gigantic, complex and detailed building I have seen in my life.
And this is the lovely view you got to see from the top if you didn`t mind coming down on a never ending, spiralled, extra tiny stairway. I got tricked by my boyfriend that there`s gonna be an elevator.
 Park Guell is definitely my favourite. Everything just looks extra cute in there.
And let`s not forget the food. I`ve eaten so many tapas and drank so much Sangria to last me a lifetime. Actually, erase that, there is always room for some Sangria.
 We didn`t spend so much time on the beach as the hotel pool was just too convenient for us but really loved the fact that in Barcelona every day is a beach day! 

Alina Anghel.xx
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  1. barcelona is such a nice place! did you visit the dalì museum? it´s incredible!

  2. Gorgeous photos, I visited Barcelona last year and absolutely loved it! Getting soo hungry looking at the food pictures hehe!

  3. oh those are such a wonderful photos... I want to visit Barcelona ASAP!!!!

  4. Unbeleivable! I couldn't imagine being able to see these sights on a regular basis. Just beautiful and the food looks delicious.

  5. It's been a few years since I visited Barcelona, I absolutely love that city! Since I'm an architecture student, I especially like the many great works GaudĂ­ created there. You must have had an amazing time there!

  6. these pics are so so pretty!
    thanks for commenting on my blog! looking forward to us keeping in touch x

  7. Ce poze frumoase, ma bucur ca te-ai simtit bine acolo.
    Catedrala chiar ca e impresionanta. :)
    Sa ai un weekend minunat!

  8. sunt superbe pozele de la catedrala !!!
    te pup

  9. gorgeous photos! Barcelona is such a beautiful city!

    Hannah xx

  10. Great pictures! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  11. Hey Alina, we love Barcelona too! And your breakfast looks absolutely delicious! Greetings from the room of design Zurich! (and thanks for leaving a note on our blog earlier this year! xoxo)

  12. Beautiful photos! I went to Barcelona last year-this is bringing back good memories :)
    Lucia's Loves

  13. Amazing photos! I've always wanted to visit Barcelona!