Wednesday, 14 August 2013

London: Bowling Day at All Star Lanes

Sunday was bowling day. My brother, my boyfriend and I put our game face on and headed out to All Star Lanes in Bayswater. Everyone thought themselves a winner before even the game started but in the end there could only be one winner (words of wisdom here pay attention). 
Before getting in I of course had to torture the boys to take some outfit photos for me as well. Girl problems.
I was wearing a black blazer and top that I have for ages and don`t really remember the brand, River Island striped jeans, and Nelly ankle boots. 
The sunnies are H&M and the bag is from Marc B.
We couldn`t of course exercise on an empty stomach so we ordered some typical American dishes. I had the Southern friend chicken with sweet potato fries and cheesecake. Well it was more my brother`s cheesecake but I considered it mine. It had the letter A on the plate after all!
Then things got serious and the competition started. I managed to get second but I`m not sure that`s a huge achievement since I only managed to score (slightly) higher than a 13 year old.
I have great technique as you can see. 
The following day I actually got muscle ache all over my left side of the body which is quite weird since I`m right handed but anyway it kinda made me realise in what poor condition I am. I mean who gets muscle ache from bowling??
I`m definitely hitting the soon as I finish this cupcake.

Alina Anghel.xx
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  1. Me and my boyfriend love bowling and this alley looks amazing, typically american and that food looks amazing too! xxxx xxxx

  2. gorgeous pics!
    xoxo Sienna

  3. Simply love your blog!

    now, following u!

  4. looks like fuuun! loving those pants! anyway would u mind checking out my latest post? thanks before :) xx

  5. That cake looks amazing, and I LOVE your makeup in these pictures! (:

    Love, Kat

  6. gorgeous <3


  7. cute outfit - i loove the blazer! x

  8. Haha I love 10-pin bowling! I used to go with my parents a lot when I was a teenager but never became good at it so kind of gave it up :<
    I love your stripped pants. Are they comfortable for bowling as well?

  9. wonderful pants !!! love the stripes!!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog.. Maybe you like to follow each other..

  10. fabulous!!!!:))
    un saludo de MNhäuser

  11. Nice pictures. I love your black blazer. It looks really nice on you.