Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Delicious London: Sushi at Yashin

A few years ago I couldn`t even imagine eating raw fish but now I`m completely addicted to it. My boyfriend has definitely helped in opening my taste buds towards it as he`s a big fan of sushi & sashimi and often prepares it (quite amazingly) at home as well. I hope he reads this as he always complains I don`t give him enough compliments. Men. So needy.
Last week though we wanted to try something new so we headed over to Yashin Sushi Bar on Argyll Road. 
We started off with the Yaki Yose Tofu and the Soft Shell Salad. Both were really good although my favourite was definitely the salad as I`m not a huge fan of tofu.
yashin london
yashin london
I ordered the Omakase Eight sushi pieces while the boy had The Yashin which is their biggest set I believe with 15 pieces.
yashin london
The pieces were very modern and quite different from the traditional sushi I am used to. Some of the pieces were amazingly good but some felt a bit too much and failed to impress. I was also a bit disappointed that you could barely feel the wasabi in them. My boyfriend who went there before when they initially opened mentioned that his first experience was definitely much better than this one.
yashin london
yashin london
Overall it was a great, new take on sushi although I must say I still prefer the traditional version when you go into this small, no frills sushi bar and you have an older, Japanese chef cutting fish in front of you with extra care and love. 
And if you would like to know more what I`m talking about here is one of my favourite documentaries: Jiro Dreams of Sushi about the life of the greatest sushi chef in the world.

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  2. What beautiful photos! Totally agree with you about the more traditional and simplistic atmosphere being preferable though...Jiro Dreams of Sushi is one of my all-time favorite movies for that very reason. Even the sushi chefs at Safeway are so serious and calm, you can tell they really put a lot of no-frills effort into every piece!

    Great post!


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