Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Delicious London: French Brunch at Aubaine

One of my favourite things to do on Sunday mornings is to go somewhere nice and relaxing for brunch. The key for a successful brunch is to control excess. Don`t brunch too often during the week and when you do brunch don`t eat too much. Like all things in life too much of anything ends up being bad. Not excessing with brunch is particularly hard, I mean just look at the photo below! It just makes you wanna roll up your sleeves, throw your fork and knife, and just start stuffing your face with both hands. Of course while still trying to look like a lady. 
Last Sunday we headed over to Aubaine, a French bakery and restaurant in Brompton Cross, ideally located near Harrods. Targeting the hungry and tired shopping ladies Aubaine? Very clever indeed.
We had a big portion of French toast with cream and blueberries, scrambled eggs with truffle, tea and orange juice. The French toast was absolutely delicious as well as the fresh orange juice. The scrambled eggs were good however you couldn`t feel much of the truffle flavour. 
One of the biggest temptations of this place is definitely the bakery and I ended up going home with another piece of cake and a big jar of apple and cinnamon jam. Just in case. 
brunch aubaine
brunch aubaine
brunch aubaine
brunch aubaine
Do you brunch?

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