Monday, 4 November 2013

Top 8 most useful social media channels for fashion bloggers

As social media seems to be rapidly growing year by year I know more than anyone else how daunting and time consuming it can be keeping track and updating regularly all the social channels that are out there. Cliché or not the key for running a successful blog nowadays is to focus on quality rather than quantity and only pick the channels that are most relevant to your blog. Although a blog is in itself a form of social media I have decided to comply a list of the top most frequently used channels by fashion bloggers and the ones I personally think have brought me the most return.

1. Bloglovin`

social media channels for fashion bloggers

For obvious reasons I have put Bloglovin` as the number 1 most useful channel as it`s one of the best ways of keeping track of your favourite blogs. It also helps in getting people back to your site every time you post new content.

Of course having 2-3 followers doesn`t mean that your content is less interesting than the content of a blogger with 10,000 followers. It`s easy to get sidetracked as fashion is an incredibly competitive environment but always remember to focus on doing what you love and don`t see blogging as a race of getting as many followers as possible.

2. Facebook

Facebook still is the most used social media channel out there with over 1 billion users so having a presence there can be extremely beneficial in terms of getting people back to your site and interacting with your readers.

Most bloggers out there separate their personal Facebook page from the blog fan page which is probably the best way as you don`t want your grandma to see that topless Ryan Gosling photo you posted or the new shopping spree you had in Zara when you were supposed to be having a family dinner with all the relatives.

3. Twitter

social media channels for fashion bloggers

Great for engaging with your readers, meeting other bloggers and posting words of wisdom in 140 characters or less.

4. Instagram

The mecca of food photos, selfies and other type of photos that can showcase what an amazing life you`re living.  Unfortunately you can`t insert hyperlinks in your Instagram posts, you can only insert 1 link on your profile, which means it`s harder to drive people back to your site. However if you post amazingly beautiful photos chances are that people will do anything to find your blog.

5. Pinterest

social media channels for fashion bloggers

I was slow in getting started with Pinterest but now I`m completely addicted to it mostly because it feels so much easier bookmarking photos that inspire me without having tons of folders on my computer and never finding what I`m looking for. It`s also great for Pinning your own blog photos and spreading your content.

6. Google+

Being part of Google there are obviously SEO perks in opening a Google+ page and posting content frequently. I especially love the Google Hangout feature and the livestream capabilities of Google+ which are a big + in my opinion. See what I did there? 

7. Youtube

I must say I don`t really use Youtube for posting my own videos although I probably should considering I love seeing video content on other fashion blogs.
Filming videos and editing them definitely takes more time so if you manage to do it kudos to you!

8. & Chictopia

social media channels for fashion bloggers

If you`re a typical fashion-outfits blogger then most likely you`re already very familiar with & Chictopia. There are loads of other outfit sharing sites out there but as you can imagine editing the photo, uploading it and filling in the outfit details can take quite a bit of time so I prefer to stick with the ones I`m most used to and know are very popular with other fellow bloggers as well.

Which are your favourite social media sites? Any that I`ve missed?

And if you want to keep track of my social media channels you can find me here:

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  1. there are so many, that I often feel lost. I love bloglovin´. I Think I need a facebook account, too.

    1. Bloglovin` is amazing. My favourite morning read :)

  2. i'm on whatiwear too besides twitter,facebook,bloglovin,instagram, and pinterest! :P

    Pudding Monster

    1. whatiwear is really good as well for outfit sharing :)

  3. Like it!! Thanks for sharing.


  4. I think I love Bloglovin and Instagram... I like them all a little too much :)

  5. I'm not even certain on a blog name yet and as much as the facebook pages appeal and are probably needed i feel its to much of a commitment to the name :L xxxxxxxxx

    Dana @ xxxxxxxxx

  6. My favorite is pinterest <3
    I can find there so many ideas

  7. Pinterest is awesome but my favorite is a brand new app in this category. I don't know if many of you know it already, it's called Famest (available on the web and on iPhone). This guys are doing a really good job promoting bloggers especially on their Instagram @famestapp , they're super friendly. Check it out girls ;)

    Xoxo Julie