Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Travel Overview

2013 has been a great year for travel and I feel very blessed that I got to see so many wonderful places around the world. I love travelling and my main wishes for the next year are to be able to explore more, learn more, experience more, and of course challenge myself more.

We started the year by spending the winter holidays in Madeira, Portugal. 20 degrees weather, peaceful surroundings, and a great hotel breakfast.
madeira portugal
madeira portugal

In February I headed for the first time to the USA in Las Vegas. I am very far away from being a party girl but I actually enjoyed Vegas a lot. Mostly because you can spent your whole trip or life(!) in their huge hotels. You can find swimming pools, nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, spas, shops, cinema all in one hotel. And yes I have tried my luck at gambling as well although I kept losing continuously. After 10 days and a much lighter bank account it was time to head back home.
las vegas
las vegas strip
las vegas

In March my boyfriend surprised me with the best birthday gift ever: a trip to Paris! I`ve wanted to visit this city since I was small so you can imagine my joy when I finally stepped foot outside the Eurostar in Gare du Nord. Paris has so much to offer that we were spending the days from morning till night outside trying to fit all the things we wanted to see before we left home. Thankfully there was always a patisserie near by to give us a sugar rush.
angelina paris
eiffel tower paris
louvre paris

As summer started making its way to the UK we started taking small road trips outside London and exploring the wonderful English countryside. Bray is a bit of a foodie village as it has a couple of really amazing Michelin star restaurants as well as local pubs so you know you`re always gonna have a good meal while visiting it.
bray uk
bray village

Oxford is a very beautiful and cultural city although there can be quite a few tourists around. As it was middle of summer most of students went back home so we spent the day visiting the deserted University, the surrounding area, and sleeping on the grass.
oxford university
oxford uk
oxford cafe

At the end of June I also took a small 3 day trip with my office to Poznan, Poland. A very picturesque city with lovely architecture and great history.
poznan poland
polish dumplings

Barcelona has definitely been one of my favourite trips of the year. This city seems to have it all: great weather, lovely beach, friendly people, amazing food, beautiful architecture, and just an overall relaxed atmosphere in the air.

barcelona beach
barcelona architecture
park guell

In September we headed over to a completely new country and continent in Morocco, Africa. We visited the exotic Marrakech, home of so many fashion designers. And I could see why, this city is incredibly inspiring, the interiors and architecture are beautiful, the nights are dimly light, and the music gets you up from your chair and dancing.

marrakech belly dancing
four season marrakech
four seasons marrakech
four seasons marrakech

Finally we`re ending the year in Thailand, in Bangkok and Phuket where I`m currently at. Photo diary to follow!
bangkok view
sky bar bangkok

Although I love making "to do" lists for almost everything (strangely having something on paper for me means that I NEED to do it and I feel a great satisfaction when I cross something over- I know, it`s sad),  I usually stay away from new year resolutions as I think making resolutions should come at the right time in each person`s life and not when you are being forced by the approaching of the end of the year.  However this time the end of the year felt like the perfect time for putting together a travel list, so for 2014 my main destination wishlist looks a bit like this:

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Ibiza, Spain
3. Cotswolds, UK
4. Istanbul, Turkey
5. Dubrovnik, Croatia
6. New York, USA
7. Cinque Terre, Italy
8. Australia
9. Cornwall, UK

Have you made any travel wishlists for next year?

P.S. Happy New Year everyone!

Alina Anghel.xx


  1. Grate Love love love!

  2. i love traveling, too and i hope that in 2014 I will see more places in the word. vegas is a destination I really like to go. your pictures are awesome. maybe you´ll have a look on my travel review?

    1. thank you! Vegas is lovely and I`m sure you`ll enjoy it :). Wish you an amazing 2014! xx

  3. Wow, you have certainly visited some amazing countries, I hope you get to travel to all your wish list destinations :)

    Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing Alina :)

    Happy New Year !!!

    1. thank you Launna. Happy New Year to you too! Hope you have an amazing year! xx

  4. It seems like it's been a great year for you, you traveled a lot, good for you Alina, I'm happy for you! :)
    I haven't traveled that much during this year, when you have a small child it's more difficult to plan (a lot of) traveling, but I traveled to Cuba in October and I had an absolutely amazing vacation there, it's been my best vacation in a long time.

    Happy new year my dear and all the best!

    And may your travel wishlist for 2014 come true!

    1. thank you Victoria! Happy New Year to you too! Cuba sounds amazing, I would definitely love to visit it someday :)