Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Rabbit in Chelsea Restaurant Review

There are a few things better in this world than the joy of discovering a new favourite restaurant close to home. Rabbit is one of our newest local finds and has quickly entered our list of great places to eat in London. The menu consists of a wide range of small plates perfect for sharing and focuses on freshly farmed and foraged seasonal products. 
We started off with the black winter truffle with wild mushroom ragu which was delicious and beautifully plated. 
The brown crab bomb was lovely as well as the pate.
The gurnard with mussels was beautiful. Probably one of the best fish dishes I`ve had this year.
The quail, the meat was perfectly cooked although it wasn`t one of my favourite dishes as I found it a bit too heavy.
The maple syrup pudding with plums was another highlight of the meal. Perfectly balancing sweet and sour it was a great ending to the meal. 

Rabbit on Urbanspoon
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

20 Winter Beach Destinations to Escape the Cold

1. Australia
A favourite for everyone Australia is perfect for escaping the cold winters.
winter sun destinations
Source: Karl Lundholm Flickr
2. Thailand
Another favourite for travellers for winter holidays is Thailand. Affordable prices and beautiful beaches make this country one of the most sought after beach destinations in the world.

3. South Africa
South Africa has the most amazing landscapes, mountains meet beautiful beaches it`s perfect for nature lovers.

4. Bali, Indonesia
Although currently there aren`t any direct flights to Bali from the UK it`s still an wonderful location for experiencing sun, sea and delicious food.
winter beach destinations

5. Bahia, Brazil
Brazil has such an amazing atmosphere perfect for anyone looking for a bit of fun holiday.

6. The Philippines
2015 is the year to visit The Philippines before the mass tourism discovers the wonderfulness of these islands.

7. The Caribbean
With so many options such as Barbados, St Lucia, British Virgin Islands, and Turks and Caicos, the Caribbeans remain a classic choice.
beach destinations

8. Fuerteventura, Spain
For something closer to Europe, Fuerteventura has beautiful warm weather although the ocean might be a bit cold for a dip.

9. Hawaii
The nature in Hawaii is spectacular and with so many gorgeous islands it`s wonderful for both relaxing and adventure lovers.
where to go in holiday in winter

10. Cyprus
Although almost everywhere in Europe the weather gets quite low in winter, Cyprus is a great option for those wanting to stay closer to home.

11. Los Cabos or Tulum, Mexico
Mexico is another great option for escaping the cold for a bit of sun and some margaritas of course.
mexico winter holiday

12. Cartagena, Colombia
For something a bit more different head to beautiful Cartagena in Colombia.

13. French Polynesia
Secluded islands, white sand, blue water, French Polynesia provides the perfect background for a romantic holiday.

14. Langkawi, Malaysia
Winter is one the best times to visit South East Asia before it gets too hot and humid. Langkawi in Malaysia is another great option alongside Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines.

15. Florida Keys, USA
For the all American holiday head over to Florida Keys in US.

16. Seychelles
Seychelles are a tropical paradise with some amazing spas for a relaxing holiday.
seychelles winter holiday
17. Mancora, Peru
If you`re a surf lover head over to Mancora Peru for some amazing waves.

18. Emerald Coast, Nicaragua
Another a bit more different option but still gorgeous for those wanting to escape the tourists crowds is the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua.

19. Zanzibar
Zanzibar in East Africa looks so gorgeous no further explanation is really needed.
zanzibar beach holiday
20. Madagascar
For nature and adventure lovers, Madagascar is the perfect option.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My 2015 Travel Bucket List

1. Skiing in the Alps
Although I`m far from being great at skiing I always have so much fun. As in England it rarely snows and there aren`t really any good skiing locations, I`m looking forward this winter after coming back from Australia to go skiing somewhere nice for a bit of snow, mountains and spa. If you have any good recommendations of destinations let me know.
skiing in the alps
2. Italy tour
The majority of cities, towns, villages I want to visit in Europe are located in Italy so I decided that the best way of seeing all is to do an Italian tour: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Verona, Amalfi Coast, the Italian Riviera, in summer will be an amazing experience.
italy tour amalfi coast
Source: 99traveltips.com
3. South Korea
This has been on my wishlist for so long I finally decided that if it is 1 destination I have to do this year no matter what is South Korea.
Source: Gijj Flickr
4. Berlin, Germany
I`ve been hearing so many great things about this city recently that now has gone high on my bucket list.
berlin travel bucket list
Source: wearecity.de
5. New York, USA
The boy and I initially wanted to go to New York this fall but as we`re gonna have such a long trip in winter we decided to stay closer to home and switched for Stockholm. I`m hoping 2015 will be the year I finally get to experience the amazing vibe of this city.
new york travel bucket list
Source: Tumblr
6. Santorini,  Greece
Santorini is a picture perfect destination. In summer the prices tend to get very high for hotels & flights so the key is booking it from time which I hope I`ll remember :).
santorini 2015 travel

7. Ibiza, Spain
Summer in Ibiza for a bit of sun, sea & fun.
ibiza 2015 travel
Source: Flickr- Oscar Pena Martinez
8. Cornwall, UK
A road trip to Cornwall next summer will be amazing.
cornwall 2015 travel
Source: Ian Lewis Photography Flickr

9. Biarritz, France & San Sebastian, Spain
Hoping to do Biarritz & San Sebastian together as they`re so close to each other. San Sebastian has become such a foodie hotspot that I can`t wait to experience some of the great cooking down there.
san sebastian travel
Source: Trekearth

10. Christmas & New Years Eve in the sun
It has become now a bit of a tradition for the boy and I to try to escape a bit the winter cold during Christmas & New Years by jetting off somewhere with a bit of sun and sea. I`m thinking for 2015 it might be either Vietnam or Philippines.
philippines 2015 travel

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Dim Sum at Pearl Liang

There`s nothing better on a Sunday than a large, delicious dim sum lunch. The boy and I usually go for dim sum at a nearby Royal China but this week we decided to try something different and headed over to Paddington to Pearl Liang. The place was full with families and we were lucky to grab a table. As always we ordered way too much driven by the smells from the nearby tables but I don`t really mind since I find dim sum even better after a few hours :).

Roast pork bun was one of my favourites, the pastry was crispy and the filling absolutely delicious.
pearl liang dim sum
We ordered a combination of Chee cheong fun but my favourite still remains the prawn one.
pearl liang restaurant
Shanghai dumplings were amazing. Once you bite into them you get this lovely warm broth with minced pork.
pearl liang
We eat tripe in soups in Romania quite often so this dish brought back a lot of memories.
pearl liang restaurant review
Baby pak choi unfortunately was a bit of a letdown as it was slightly overcooked.
pearl liang review
Chicken feet were one of the boy`s favourite.
pearl liang london
I have a soft spot for egg tarts and these ones were delicious - sweet, soft filling and crispy, melt in your mouth pastry.
pearl liang egg tarts
Pearl Liang on Urbanspoon
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Wrap Dress

the wrap dress
wrap dress
how to wear the wrap dress
the tulip dress
tulip dress outfit
warehouse wrap dress
wrap dress style
I`ve only just discovered the amazingness of a wrap dress: classic, flattering and feminine makes it perfect for taking from day to night, from office to date night which not many dress structures can do.
I love contrasts in fashion photography: a feminine dress against an industrial background it`s always a good match for me. We took these photos in Kings Cross which is perfect if you`re looking for an industrial background. It was also right after a huge Dim Sum with the boy so this dress had an alternative purpose as well: hide all the food I`ve eaten :). I love multifunctional clothing like that.
Wrap dress: Warehouse, similar here or here
Ankle boots: Nelly
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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Stylish Cotswolds Travel Guide

cotswolds travel guide

Where to stay in Cotswolds:
  • We stayed at the amazing Ellenborough Park which is a 16th century manor that has been restored and transformed into a beautiful spa hotel. Here you can find my review of this wonderful luxury Cotswolds hotel.
  • Other options include Cowley Manor, Lords of the Manor or The Wild Rabbit. 
Where to eat in Cotswolds:

Cotswolds has plenty of delicious restaurants however as the area is quite big you will need a car to get around and find the best ones. A few of my recommendations include:
  • Head over to Lords of the Manor, Whatley Manor, 5 North St for ultimate fine dining
  • For extra special occasions, Le Champignon Sauvage is the only 2 star Michelin restaurant in the Cotswolds 
  • The Wild Rabbit for beautiful organic food
  • The Plough for grill or fish & chips
  • The White Hart for classic but delicious dishes
where to eat in cotswolds

Things to do in Cotswolds:
  • Cotswolds is famous for its beautiful villages, a few of my favourites are : Bibury (very cute but very small), Bourton on the Water (personal favourite), Chipping Campden, Broadway.
things to do in cotswolds
stylish cotswolds guide
cotswolds travel tips
cotswolds villages
  • Take a walk through one of many walking routes
  • Check out the markets- Stroud market is considered one of the best farmers markets in England
  • Go shopping for antiques: Cheltenham, Tetbury have plenty of antique shops
  • Go in summer to catch a festival such as the Wilderness Festival
  • If the weather is warm have a picnic or outside lunch at one of the amazing 16th century manors in Cotswolds
  • Go for a pampering weekend with a luxurious spa break
cotswolds activities
what to do in cotswolds

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