Monday, 13 January 2014

Delicious London: Burger & Lobster Review

   Sunday we headed over to Victoria & Albert museum and had beforehand a quick stop over at Burger & Lobster in Harvey Nichols for lunch. I`m not really one to stay in line for anything so I was a bit concerned that it will be really busy. Fortunately the Harvey Nichols location seems to be much quieter than the other locations and we got a table as soon as we got there. There are basically 3 choices you can have: the lobster in the shell (grilled or steamed), the lobster roll, and the beef burger. Initially I wanted to order the burger and share my boyfriend`s lobster but he was very adamant that he will not share anything and to order the lobster. Forced to comply I ordered the grilled lobster in shell while my boyfriend had the lobster roll. 
   The grilled lobster was quite good but even though it looked quite big when we first saw it didn`t really have that much meat. My partner wasn`t really full after the meal and I got hungry again 2 hours. 
burger and lobster grilled lobster
   The lobster roll. I know this one had some really good reviews but I actually preferred the grilled lobster, mostly because the roll was cold and it kinda reminded more of a sandwich which I`m not really fan of as a lunch meal. Both dishes came with lovely green salad and of course, french fries.
burger and lobster lobster roll
lobster roll
burger and lobster harvey nichols
burger and lobster harvey nichols

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  1. Mmm, both look absolutely delicious, despite not being as expected! I love lobster rolls.

  2. looks yummy!
    xoxo Sienna