Monday, 20 January 2014

The Burger Craze: Patty and Bun Restaurant Review

Currently there`s a burger craze going on in London with loads of new American-burger type of restaurants opening and a new "top 10 burgers in London" article written every hour. Most of these places run on a first come, first served basis which frankly I hope it`s a passing trend as there is hardly anything in this world that will make me queue for it. Unless it`s free Chanel bags. 
The good thing however is that my office has a very central location, close to many of these burger joints which means I can quickly pop in and get some takeaway for lunch. Yes you heard it right: burger..for lunch. Sometimes even with fries. 
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It was on one of these occasions that I picked up this amazing cheeseburger (17/20) and rosemary fries (14/20) from the very popular Patty & Bun. If you live in London you probably have already heard of Patty & Bun as they`ve constantly been mentioned as one of the best places for burger and indeed the burger is pretty awesome. The chips were good but not the best I`ve had. My only slight disappointment with the burger was the bun. I`m quite picky with the bun as I don`t like too much of it but otherwise everything else was pretty good and definitely a place I would come back to. At least for another takeaway.

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