Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Outlaws at the Capital Restaurant Review

The Outlaws is a lovely 1 Michelin star restaurant at the Capital hotel, very close to Harrods that we got the chance to visit last week for dinner. The food was good but what really stood out was the amazing service. 
For starters we have tried the crispy oysters with cucumber and caviar (12/20) and the lobster risotto with orange (14/20). Although the oysters were good what really stood out was the risotto which was beautiful. 
crispy oysters caviar
lobster risotto and orange
The risotto was very filling so I was lucky that I chose to order another starter instead of main: the pork belly with pickled plums (11/20). My partner went for the brill-on-the-bone with seaweed butter and potatoes (14/20). The strongest dish here was the brill and I felt a bit sorry for not going with another fish option as well. 
brill on the bone and potatoes
pork belly and pickled plums
The dessert menu had a lot of combinations of sorbets, ice cream, and fruits. We went for the pineapple with passion fruit and mango sorbet (10/20), and the honey ice cream, honeycomb, lemon curd and figs (8/20). The desserts were as good as you would expect a combination of fruit and sorbet to be. Pleasant but not really something that will stay in your mind. We couldn`t really finish most of the honey ice cream, honey comb and figs as we felt was a bit unbalanced. You had a few figs and a lot of honey ice cream which was a bit heavy and you couldn`t really eat that much of it by itself. One of the waiters noticed that we haven`t really touched it and actually left it out from the bill which we thought was a very nice gesture.
pineapple and passion fruit mango sorbet
honey ice cream figs honeycomb
Overall (11.5/20) I would say that The Outlaws is a restaurants definitely worth trying for their great starters and amazing service.

Alina Anghel.xx

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