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Top 5 hotel breakfasts of 2013

   I don`t know if I`m the only one with a hotel breakfast obsession but the quality of the breakfast has  become now one of the main factors in deciding which hotel we`re gonna stay at while travelling. It  has gotten so bad that even if everything else is perfect: location, facilities, price, if the breakfast is not  good enough then there is a serious chance neither my boyfriend nor I will want to stay there. I don`t  know but it`s just something about waking up in the morning, relaxed, knowing that a deliciously  prepared breakfast is waiting for you. And the fact that most likely you aren`t gonna have this luxury at  home when you`re rushing in the morning to go to work or school and you just quickly grab a yogurt  and a coffee, makes it even more special.

   So without further ado, these are my top 5 places for hotel breakfasts in 2013. If you`re in any of  these locations and you enjoy a good, filling breakfast I truly recommend you check them out.

   1. Siam Kempinski, Bangkok

siam kempinski bangkok breakfast

  Great quality food and great variety. The pieces of resistance here are the pastries. Kempinski has the biggest range of pastries from all the mentioned hotels and you know how much I love pastries. 
  They also have a good variety of a la carte dishes that both my boyfriend and I enjoyed. It`s no wonder I used to fill out 3 plates of food every morning, oops!

  2. Hotel Arts, Barcelona

hotel arts barcelona breakfast

  Although we didn`t stay at this hotel while visiting Barcelona (we preferred a more central location, while this one was on the beach), we headed there for breakfast one morning after reading a few positive reviews of their breakfast. And indeed it was amazing. They had a great selection of freshly cut fruits, fresh juices, and a chef that prepared in front of your eyes crepes. What more can a girl wish for?!

  3. The Peninsula, Bangkok

peninsula bangkok breakfast

  The quality of the Peninsula breakfast was very good but there wasn`t as much variety as in the previous two. There was only a small selection of pastries and fresh fruits. Also there was no a la carte menu which meant that there weren`t so many hot food options.

  4. The Vine, Madeira

the vine madeira breakfast

  Although the variety wasn`t as big as many of the other hotels we`ve stayed at while travelling last year, the highlight of the breakfast was the orange juice. Such a delicious freshly squeezed juice that kept both my boyfriend and I talking about it for the whole year. The tea was also really good by French tea company Mariage Frères. 

  5. Four Seasons, Marrakech

four seasons marrakech breakfast

  Every morning in Marrakech we would be served a cup of sweet peppermint tea. There was no a la carte menu and the variety wasn`t very wide but the quality was very good. Also I loved their selection of Moroccan pastries every morning. 

  So tell me what has been your favourite hotel breakfast so far?

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