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Top 5 plays & musical shows of 2013

The arts & theatre scene in London is huge and I often enjoy spending my evenings or weekends seeing a musical or a play. The downside however, is that tickets often don`t come cheap at all especially for big productions. If you`re in London and looking to book tickets to shows my suggestion is to check multiple sites as sometimes you`ll be able to find some better deals. Particularly, Timeout, and, often have discounts.

You can find below my top 5 shows of 2013 from the ones I got to see. Some of them are still showing and some of them like Mies Julie have unfortunately stopped.

1. Matilda

matilda the musical london

Matilda is the first show I`ve seen in 2013 and a year later still remains my favourite. The cast was amazingly talented, notably the actors that played Matilda (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) and Miss Trunchbull (Alex Gaumond).
The music and choreography were extremely catchy and it had just the right amount of humour to appeal to both adults and children.
The musical is still showing in London and you can find more details here.

2. Mies Julie

mies julie london

This is actually one of the smaller theatre performances that ran in London at Riverside Studios. Unfortunately it ran for only a short amount of time and has now stopped but hopefully they`ll bring it back.
The play is an adaptation to the 21st century of Strindberg`s Miss Julie (1888). The current play is set in South Africa, on a farm on Freedom Day 2012 and explores a night of lust and passion between the owner`s daughter and one of the house servants. The action keeps you on your toes for the whole duration and the ending leaves you wondering "what if".

3. The Book of Mormon

the book of mormon london

A lot has been said about The Book of Mormon. It is definitely a light, funny and entertaining musical, and great for a night out with your friends.
The musical was produced by the creators of South Park (so you can expect some "oh no, he didn`t" moments) and tells the story of two Mormon missionaries sent on a mission to a remote village in Uganda.
Still running for a few more months although tickets due to popularity tickets don`t come cheap. Find out more here.

4. The drowned man: A Hollywood Fable
the drowned man london

This show has been completely different from anything I`ve seen so far. The production is based in this massive warehouse where each room gets transformed in a set. You are taken by the staff in the first room from which you are left by yourself to wander around and follow the actors from one set to another. It`s very exciting and it plays on each person`s curiosity and desire to find out more, although I did find it at times a bit hard to follow the story as you sometimes don`t know which actor you are supposed to follow and I would see the same scene 3 or 4 times and miss out on other important scenes.
The show is now back and running for January & February. Find out more here.

5. The Phantom of the Opera

the phantom of the opera london

Although I thought this musical was ok, I didn`t really find it amazing. It kinda tended to drag for a bit and the main song kept getting repeated far too many times. I usually prefer musicals that are a fair mix between singing and dialogues, but this one was a bit too heavy on the singing for my taste. The cast however was pretty good, especially the Phantom, and I have girl friends who have seen this show 3-4 times because they loved it so much so might be worth checking out. More here.

Have you seen any of these shows? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I have never been to the theater, it is on my bucket list of things to do :)