Monday, 27 January 2014

Travel in Style: Siam Kempinski Bangkok Hotel Review

We stayed at the Siam Kempinski hotel in Bangkok for the last 4 days before we returned back home and right after our trip to Phuket. Quickly going from the beach lifestyle to city life is not an easy thing but we had such a great stay at Kempinski that it definitely helped us in getting us excited again for Bangkok and ready to explore. One of the wonderful things about Thailand (among billions of others) is that hotel can be very cheap which means you can easily stay at amazing 5 stars without breaking the bank and I would definitely recommend giving a try to the Siam Kempinski for it`s great central location (middle of shopping district!), delicious breakfast, and beautiful pool.

1. The room (17/20)

We stayed in the double room which was slightly smaller than the Peninsula room but I guess smaller space it`s something you would expect due to its very central location. Everything in the mini bar was complimentary which we thought was a nice touch and I think more luxury hotels should implement it. The tv had a great selection of movies (I finally got to see "The Great Gatsby" yay!) and the bathroom was lovely. The only thing we found slightly annoying was that you had to get up if you wanted to close all the lights there were no buttons near the bed that automatically switched all light including the bathroom. I know this sounds incredibly lazy but the wall between the bathroom and the room was made of glass which meant that if you forgot the bathroom light on then you would have to get up and close it. It`s also not the best thing for your partner if you suddenly have to wake up in the middle of the night and use the toilet. Anyway, enough toilet talking for one day.

siam kempinski bangkok room
siam kempinski bangkok room
siam kempinski bangkok room
siam kempinski bangkok room

2. The breakfast & other dining options (20/20)

This gorgeous breakfast was so good that it made it into my number 1 top 5 hotel breakfasts of 2013. You had a great variety of prepared to order dishes, cold dishes, pastries, fruits, basically anything you would want in a breakfast. 
siam kempinski bangkok breakfast
siam kempinski bangkok breakfast
siam kempinski bangkok breakfast
siam kempinski bangkok breakfast
3. The pool, garden & surroundings (18/20)

The lobby was gorgeous as well as the pool which surrounded the garden and terrace. 
siam kempinski bangkok review
siam kempinski bangkok lobby
siam kempinski bangkok pool

Room (17/20)
Breakfast & other dining (20/20)
Pool (18/20)
Spa & activities (17/20)
Other facilities (19/20)
Service & atmosphere (20/20)
Location (20/20)

Overall score: 18.7 / 20

Alina Anghel.xx
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  1. wow, it looks really nice. I will make a note of my thailand list.

    1. it`s lovely, definitely worth checking out if you`re heading over there :)

  2. Wow Alina... this place looks so amazing♥

  3. amazing!
    xoxo Sienna

  4. this hotel is very pretty! would love to stay there for few days! :)