Sunday, 16 February 2014

Delicious London: Kurobuta Restaurant Review

We had a very good meal at Kurobuta- a fusion Japanese pop up restaurant in Chelsea that will soon open a more definitive location in Marble Arch. Every dish we had was very well executed and the place has a very cool, urban vibe with a great playlist. The service isn`t the best, the waitress seemed very stressed out and after the first dish we had to wait a lot of time and then all of our other dishes came at the same time. Fortunately everything tasted really good so it`s definitely a place I would like to visit again.

We started off with the beef fillet tataki with onion and garlic crisps (16/20) which I really liked.
kurobuta beef fillet tataki
And then we followed with nasu dengaku which is a grilled aubergine with sticky miso (13/20). The aubergine was good but the miso was a bit too heavy for my taste.
kurobuta nasu dengaku
The shrimp tempura with spicy mayo (14/20) was great when you combined all the bits together, especially with the onion.
kurobuta shrimp tempura
The miso grilled baby chicken with lemon (14/20) although good was probably not as impressive as the other dishes.
kurobuta grilled baby chicken
The tea smoked lamb with spicy Korean miso (18/20) was our favourite out of all. The meat was tender and all the flavours just worked together really well.
kurobuta tea smoked lamb
kurobuta restaurant review
kurobuta restaurant review
Overall rating: 15/ 20

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  1. My first question is why haven't I been there yet, quickly followed by when will it be becoming a permanent restaurant?

    Sophs x