Monday, 3 March 2014

Favourite mid range fashion & beauty online shops

I am a huge online shopping fan and actually prefer it more than offline shopping. Most brands have transformed online shopping into such an easy process- free delivery & returns, frequent flash sales, 360 views of the product; that is hard to convince myself why I should rather spend my time on my feet in busy stores, queuing up for fitting, when I can do it all from the comfort of my sofa. Admittedly this easy process can also have a negative impact on my bank account and a very positive impact for the seller as I tend to shop even more. 
But enough of that responsible thinking, I present you now, in no particular order, my favourite mid range fashion and beauty online shops so you can join me in this online fashion craze. The more, the merrier!

Asos is probably the one I use the most frequently as it stocks not only Asos brand clothing but also different high street brands like River Island, Motel, Warehouse, and so on. It`s the perfect one stop shop.
asos shopping
As many of you might know, I`m a big Korean fashion fan so in this list you`ll find a few Korean or Asian shops as well. I haven`t ordered from this place for a while though as the clothing has become a tad too urban cool for my style.
stylenanda shopping
I`ve spent so much time on Ebay selling and shopping that I probably know this place better than Ebay employees (check out my Top 12 Ebay selling tips for fashion blog post for more info). One of my best tricks is when I find something I want to buy on another shop I always check the name of the product on Ebay as well. You`ll be surprised of how many times I found the same product for half the price!
ebay shopping
I always get my hair products from them as they have an amazing array of professional hair care brands.
lookfantastic shop
They stock a huge range of beauty products from really affordable ones to luxury brands. My one stop for makeup products.
feelunique shop
If you don`t mind spending a few days trying to write down Korean characters and translating them into Google then it`s awesome for finding Korean clothing at half the price. So far I only pulled myself to do it twice. I`m waiting till I`m gonna make a Korean friend to place my next order.
gmarket shop

Found Nelly last year and since them I`ve been stocking up from them on shoes, party dresses and lingerie. 
nelly shop
This shop is absolutely gigantic and I never get to see all the products. The only downside is that most of the clothing comes in one size and their shipping takes a very long time (I usually wait around 3 weeks for my order).
yesstyle shop

Not tried yet but keeping my eye on- Zipia, Saboskirt, Revolve Clothing

Another of my online shopping tricks is before checkout to always look on discount sites such as Voucherbox UK for promotions. Many brands including Asos, Feelunique, Lookfantastic, offer discount codes sometimes even as high as 20%.

P.S. I`m always on the lookout for new shops so if you know any that you think will make my life even more complete, let me know!

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  1. I love shopping online, good proposals. BTW I liked the post of Morocco, pasate mine to see the Alhambra, another beauty árabe.Besos

  2. I am addicted to online shopping. It's so convenient and I love waiting for the postman to deliver a box....but, don't like it when the thing I receive doesn't fit :(