Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tapas with a kick: Ember Yard Restaurant Review

Ember Yard is a great place for a casual but chic night out in London making it perfect for both friends get togethers or a date night. I went here for the latter and absolutely loved it. The food was good, the atmosphere was great, and the service was amazing. One of our dishes was mistakenly sent to another table (the pork ribs) so because we had to wait longer to get ours they have taken it out from our bill which I thought was a very nice touch as many other restaurants would have just made some lame excuse. 
But let`s talk about the food. We started off with some bream carpaccio with blood orange (14/20). This was good but not as good as the one we had in Zucca and I thought the bream could have been cut thiner. 
ember yard bream carpaccio
A refreshing leaf salad with carrots and raddish (14/20).
ember yard leaf salad
Followed by chargrilled cod with beans (18/20). This was my favourite dish of the night. I love beans and these beans were absolutely delicious!
ember yard chargrilled cod with beans
Iberico pork fat chips with chorizo ketchup (10/20). This dish could have had so much potential, unfortunately the chips were far too dry and a bit plain. 
ember yard pork fat chips
The showstopper: chargrilled Iberico pork ribs (18/20). Another really delicious dish that left us licking our fingers. Each their own fingers to make it clear. 
ember yard iberico pork ribs
As a dessert I had this really lovely brown butter panna cotta with ice cream and spiced biscuit (16/20). I`m not usually a big fan of panna cottas as I think it`s hard to get a really amazing one and this one was pretty much the best panna cotta I`ve had. 
ember yard brown butter panna cotta
Date, walnut and quince cake (13/20). This tasted a bit like sticky toffee pudding which don`t get me wrong I like but I was expecting slightly more from this. 
ember yard date quince cake

Overall score: 15/20
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