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The Stylish Marrakech Travel Guide

stylish marrakech travel guide

Where to stay
  • As many of you know so far from my Four Seasons Marrakech hotel review we had a lovely stay there and I recommend it to anyone.
  • If you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the medina there are many cute riads at a very affordable price.  You can find a good list here.
Restaurants & bars

stylish Marrakech travel guide

We didn`t move as much of the beaten track as we would have wanted in terms of food but we still had some great meals. Three worth mentioning are:
  • Al Fassia: beautiful setting with low tables and candles and some really delicious tanjines. Another plus is that the restaurant is entirely run by women.
  • Le Comptoir: although food was good the highlight was definitely the belly dancing show that usually happens around 10 pm. Definitely one of the experiences my boyfriend enjoyed the most. 
  • Pepe Nero: if you want to try something different this restaurant offers a mix between Italian and Moroccan cuisine. This restaurant is quite hard to find although when we arrived there was a porter on the main street that guided us through tiny, back alleys to this beautiful riad. 
Things to do
stylish marrakech travel guide
  • Traditional hammam experience: we had a lovely experience at Les Bains de Marrakech. It`s also a plus that they are just a few of the ones where you can do a couple hammam experience (most separate men from women).
  • Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens:  although the place is crowded with tourists and you can hardly say it`s relaxing, it`s still a very impressive garden worth visiting.
  • Exploring the souks: if you don`t have great bargaining skills (like me) you`ll probably struggle here a bit, the place has a great vibe.
  • Day trips: we didn`t really get to do this due to short amount of time but one of the most recommended is the trip to the Atlas mountains and Sahara desert.
  • Swimming, sleeping, reading, and overall being lazy: we really wanted a relaxing holiday and Marrakech with the beautiful, sunny weather even in autumn, and only 4 hours flight from the UK was the perfect destination for us. 
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