Monday, 10 March 2014

Things to consider when booking your hotel online

Ok, so I admit I`m a bit of a hotel sucker. I like staying in a nice hotel when going in holiday so I do a lot of research to make sure I`m getting the most out of my money. And with so many good hotel options the only way to keep track and figure out what`s the best for my needs I do something very naughty but very useful- yes you`ve guessed it, it`s a spreadsheet! I know it might sound really nerdy and in all fairness I suggest you keep this a secret from your friends or family if you still want to keep your coolness intact, but it`s really a life & money saver.

And these are the things I consider in my spreadsheet when comparing hotels:

hotel spreadsheet

1) Number of stars – very useful if you`re trying to compare prices between hotels with different facilities.
2) Review score of the hotel on the booking site
3) Review score of the hotel on Tripadvisor- I usually like comparing the review score and read a few of the reviews from at least two different sources to validate the quality of the reviews. On Tripadvisor unfortunately I found many times a lot of fake reviews so it`s good to always double check.
4) Price per night- for obvious reasons
5) Total price for your trip- how much will you end up spending?
6) Location- extremely important as you don`t want to end up being too far from your desired area of interest (be it beach, airport, city centre, restaurants) and then spend your time and money on public transport.
7) Breakfast- included? and if not how much? If you prefer eating out in the mornings this is less important but I do like a good hotel breakfasts especially for lazy beach holidays.
8) Spa- optional depending on your preference.
9) Room service- important especially when you travel to a place with a huge time difference and you wake up in the middle of the night, confused but with a real hunger. You can thank me later.
10) Notes- any other things you`ve noticed from the reviews that are worth mentioning?
At the end of all I mark in green the finalists. Now if you`re lucky you might end up with just one, in my case that never happens so what I do next is:

- Read a few more reviews till I`m absolutely sure I`ll be going mad if I don`t book it
- Ask the travelling partner what he/she prefers (eventually they need to know as well where they`ll be staying…)
- Throw a coin (my favourite)
How do you book your holiday accommodation online?
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