Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Today`s Outfit: A tartan dress in Venice

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tartan dress
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tartan dress
venice fashion
venice fashion
tartan outfit
tartan fashion
(Tartan dress from Bangkok, Asos bag, Asos ankle boots)

Bought this dress in Thailand and didn`t get to wear it till 2 months later in Italy. I am now back from beautiful Venice and you couldn`t imagine how much I miss the sunny days, the picture perfect moments at every corner and of course the gelato. I found the perfect gelato place exactly around the corner from the hotel we were staying in so I was there every day more or less camping in front of the shop, waiting for my daily pistachio gelato dose. Double scoops. 
I`ll be posting soon the photo diary from my trip but till then I hope you enjoy these first set of photos we took at the Peggy Guggenheim collection which is definitely worth a visit if you`re an art love or just to enjoy this amazing view.

Alina Anghel.xx
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  1. amazin place!!! so adorable picz!!! sooo chic look!!! xoxo)))