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Travel in Style: Palazzetto Madonna Hotel Review

We had a short but sweet city break in Venice at Palazzetto Madonna which is a 4 stars hotel centrally located in San Polo. The location was so good that we didn`t really need to take any water taxis or water buses as all the attractions and restaurants were within walking distance but still away from the main (very crowded) touristy bits. 
palazzetto madonna hotel review
1. The room (14/20)

The room we had was very Venetian inspired- purple curtains, chandelier and red wallpaper. Normally I would stay as far away as possible from this type of interior but hey when in Venice it`s part of the charm. My boyfriend actually spent a lot of time (and by a lot of time I mean 10 minutes) trying to find a hotel that didn`t have silky sheets which I`m glad he did as that would have probably been too Playboy mansion for me. 
palazzetto madonna venice review
palazzetto madonna review
The room was very large which I`ve heard it`s quite the novelty in Venice as most of the hotel rooms tend to be extra tiny. I also really loved the bathroom and particularly the sink and the shower. 
palazzetto madonna room review
Sink glam.
palazzetto madonna room
palazzetto madonna room
2. The breakfast & other dining options (10/20)

Unfortunately the hotel didn`t offer lunch or dinner and the breakfast options were very limited. 
palazzetto madonna breakfast
palazzetto madonna breakfast
3. The garden & surroundings (12/20)

The hotel also has a lovely garden where you can enjoy your breakfast or have a drink. We didn`t really spent time here as we were trying to explore as much as possible but it`s a very lovely space to relax after a long day walking. 
palazzetto madonna hotel review
 First & last photo from:, rest of photos my own.

Overall the hotel is a great affordable option for a short city trip with very good service and great location although the breakfast definitely needs some polishing.

Room: 14/20
Breakfast & other dining options: 10/20
The garden & surroundings: 12/20
Service & atmosphere: 15/20
Location: 17/20

Overall score (4 stars hotel category): 14/20

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  1. looks like a lovely hotel, i love the garden :)