Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Five Fields Restaurant Review

The main focus at Five Fields is the presentation which is beautiful. The food was good but nothing mind blowing which was a bit of a disappointment as after reading multiple blogger reviews we thought this might be the best meal of the year. But then again maybe we got too swayed by the hype and set our expectations too high. 
For starters I had the quail with aubergine and artichoke (14/20) which was really nice with the quail cooked perfectly.
five fields quail starter
My partner as a lover of seafood had the rock pool (14/20) which was also pretty good although he thought had a bit too many parts: first two cold dishes and then one hot dish.
five fields rock pool
five fields rock pool starter
For main my partner had the middle white pork (12/20). The problem with this dish was it was far too small for a main and although it was enjoyable it lacked that extra wow factor.
five fields white pork
For my main I had the deer (13/20). The deer was beautiful as well as mushrooms but again lacking that wow factor that makes a dish memorable.
five fields deer
The desserts were probably the biggest disappointment for me. I`m a huge sugar lover so dessert for me is the part I look forward to the most from a meal. The rhubarb vanilla panna cotta (11/20) was pleasant while the warm chocolate tart (8/20) felt really unbalanced. The chocolate pastry, with the chocolate filling and the chocolate powder and a bit of more chocolate on top of that was too much even for a chocolate lover. 
five fields rhubarb panna cotta
five fields chocolate tart
Overall rating: 12/20

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