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The Stylish Venice Travel Guide

stylish venice travel guide

Where to stay
  • Palazzetto Madonna: a lovely 4 star boutique hotel in the centre of Venice. Read my review here.
Restaurants & bars

Venice is not really famous for its food. The tourism has brought up a lot of mediocre restaurants with tourist menus where the food is poor as well as the service. However, there are still a lot of hidden delicious gems, you just need to do a bit of research beforehand to avoid disappointment. Here are a few of my favourites:
osteria ai artisti venice
osteria ai artisti venice
  • Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti: definitely the highlight meal of our trip. We had here the best pasta dishes one could imagine. Just looking at the photos makes me hungry.
alle testiere venice
alle testiere venice
alle testiere venice
  • Alle Testiere: another great meal although the place gets full really fast so make sure to book ahead of time.
  • Osteria del Cason: close to our hotel we had here a lovely meal.
  • Dona Onesta: budget friendly restaurant perfect for a casual lunch.
  • Vizio Virtu Cioccolateria: the keyword here is cioccolateria. This place had the most delicious chocolate and pistachio gelato I have ever tasted and it was right next to our hotel. Score!
Things to do
stylish venice travel guide
  • Piazza San Marco: although full of tourists any time of the year really still worth seeing for its grandeur and beauty.
  • Peggy Guggenheim collection: lovely museum showing the works of art collected by Peggy Guggenheim which includes Pollock, Kandinsky, Picasso, and many more.
venice travel guide
  • Rialto market: 700 years old market, perfect for foodies.
  • Walk, walk & walk: Venice is a city made for walking and getting mesmerised by its beauty at every corner. Walking for no reason is perfectly legit here. 

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