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Travel in Style: Aria Las Vegas Hotel Review

aria hotel review

The thing that I loved the most from our stay at Aria is that you can spend your whole holiday inside the hotel without needing to step outside the hotel premises. The hotel has everything you could wish for from multiple restaurants, spa, casino, nightclub, shopping, swimming pools, and even a theatre with Cirque du Soleil performances.

1. The room (14/20)
My boyfriend and I had a Deluxe Room which was very large, although slightly too far from the elevator- we had to walk like 5 mins to even get to the lift (Note: we`re very lazy). This walk can be especially hard coming home in the early mornings tipsy and broke from gambling.
aria hotel review
2. The breakfast & other dining options (12/20)
Plenty of restaurants and cafes to keep you going for days without getting bored. The breakfast buffet was huge, with great variety from dim sum to sushi, American classics, and Mexican. The dishes were good but not great. I think when you have that huge variety of food is extremely hard to get every dish exceptional.
aria hotel review
aria hotel review

3. The pool & spa (18/20)
The spa was one of our favourite places in the hotel as the daily admission to the facilities was very affordable (around $30 per day) and you can use the steam room, jacuzzi, salt room, and ganbanyoku beds. The outside swimming pools had the perfect water temperature. We went there in February and we could very easily swim all day which was fantastic.
aria las vegas hotel review
aria hotel review

4. Location (19/20)
Conveniently located on the strip is perfect for shopping and getting around Vegas.

Room (14/20)
Breakfast & other dining (12/20)
Pool & spa (18/20)
Other facilities (18/20)
Service & atmosphere (15/20)
Location (19/20)

Overall rating: 16/20

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  1. I'm staying there in May and can't wait! Thanks for this post :-)
    Tanya x