Sunday, 11 May 2014

Blogging tips: How to put together a blog content plan

Putting together a content plan for your blog can be very helpful especially if you`re a full time blogger or plan on blogging a couple times per week as it will help you stay organised, make your blog look much more professional to your readers, and give you ideas and insights into future content topics. 
blog content plan

1. Set up your main content themes

This is the first step into determining what type of content would you like to share with your readers. Some bloggers focus only on one niche such as fashion, food, travel, while others prefer to handle a larger variety with bits and bobs from various niches like in my case. Both options are fine but try to keep to a number that won`t confuse your readers. 

2. Set up your subthemes

After deciding your main content themes it`s time to break those even further into subthemes. For example if one of your main themes is fashion you can further expand this into various themes such as: fashion tips, shopping, trends, outfits, collections, etc. This breaking down will be especially helpful when you`re trying to come up with new topics but also for setting up your weekly blog content schedule. 

3. Start adding blog topics

Once you have decided on your subthemes you can start adding topic ideas into your file. I try to continuously keep adding topics whenever I find some inspiration so I always have something to write about even when I`m going through “writers block” phases.

blog content schedule

4. Decide on your blog content schedule

Creating a blog content routine is one of the most mentioned tips given by bloggers. And this is because visitors will start developing a routine when reading your blog. For example they`ll know which time they can expect a new blog post to come up, on which days, and what topic they should expect on that day. One of the most used schedule themes that you might have noticed on other blogs is “Friday favourites”. 

5. Measure your success

It`s good to once in a while go back and write down how successful particular blog posts have been on your blog in terms of visits, comments, and social shares. This can help with analyzing which have been your most successful topics with your readers as well as trying to figure out why some didn`t do so well.

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  1. this looks so useful! thank you for sharing this!

    Pudding Monster

  2. i'm so glad you followed me on twitter because i love this idea, especially seeing as i'm new to blogging and i love to blog about various things. I think this could actually help me quite a lot. If you have any more tips on how to set this out please let me know, i'm eager to learn.

    Hayley \\

    1. thank you Hayley! I`m glad you found this helpful :)

  3. this was so so helpful thank you! :) x

  4. As a new-ish blogger this is super helpful - thank you!

  5. Love your advice! Keeping a regular blogging schedule is definitely helpful! :)

  6. Now this is a content plan I can work with! Give me something on Excel and I'll roll with it! I'm totally going to try this out. Thank you!!! (and thanks for the follow :P)

  7. Finally a content plan which is simple yet detailed! Thanks so much for sharing this :)