Friday, 2 May 2014

Hakkasan Restaurant Review: The Girls Night Out Hotspot

I`ve been wanting to try Hakkasan for quite awhile. Not necessarily because of people raving about the food but because all females in London seem to have dined there. Let`s just say that if "Sex in the City"was filmed in London this would have been their prime spot. Not sure if it`s the posh interior, the colourful food presentation, or just the wide range of cocktails, but everywhere I was looking there were tables full of women. The food was actually not that bad, very similar to Yauatcha, and the cocktails were indeed quite delicious. Since we couldn`t really decide on what to order we went onto trying their standard set menu "Taste of Hakkasan" which contains a dim sum platter, 1 main composed of a couple of small dishes, and a dessert. 
The dim sum platter (14/20) was quite nice and very colourful.
hakkasan dim sum
The main (13/20) contained black pepper beef, spicy prawn, grilled Chilean sea bass with honey, duck, and cloud ear vegetables. The favourite here was the beef and the vegetables. The spicy prawn and the sea bass were slightly too heavy.
taste of hakkasan
For dessert the apple mille feuille was quite nice (15/20) but the Jivara hazelnut bomb (8/20) was pretty much like having cereals for breakfast with some chocolate syrup. 
hakkasan mille feuille
hakkasan jivara hazelnut bomb
hakkasan cocktail
Overall rating: 13/20
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