Monday, 19 May 2014

Top things to keep in mind when designing your blog

For those of you thinking of opening a new blog or just giving a makeover to your existing one here are a few easy tips that I`ve gathered from my own blog design experience as well as from my work projects where I`ve got the chance to work with a few web designers.

Whether you choose to have a web designer for your blog or you prefer to do it yourself these tips should give you an idea of what makes a good user experience for your visitors.

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1) Determine what you like

If you`re not exactly sure how you want your website to look like it`s very useful especially if you`re using a designer to choose a few websites and blogs that you like, save a screenshot on your desktop and pick on the key elements that you particularly enjoy on each page. This should give you at least a good start into what you`re after. 

2) Choosing a designer

Most designers charge by the hour so if you choose to use a designer then always make sure you negotiate upfront the number of hours he/she`s gonna spend for your blog and the approximate total costs this is gonna add up to.  When it comes to design it`s very easy to keep going back and forth with drafts and small changes and the costs will rise quite easily.

3) Use soft colours where possible

Dark text on light background is always easier to read than light text on dark background. Keep your blog colour palette as soft as possible as although you might love that neon pink not everyone feels the same. Too many bright colours can be very tiring for the eyes.

4) Keep it clean and simple

Similar to the point above, a simple, clean design is always much pleasant to browse through rather than one with loads of stuff going on. Keep your widgets and any other elements to a minimum.

5) Content above the fold

When I first started my blog I used the have this massive banner which took out all the space before the fold which meant not only that the page was loading slowly but also that visitors weren`t able to see anything else except my face unless they scrolled down. Keeping your content above the fold means allowing visitors to see parts of your content as soon as they land on the page without having to scroll down.

6) Use categorization for your content

This might sound like a no-brainer but it`s actually very easy to forget. Keeping you content organized and allowing visitors to quickly find what they`re looking for through categories can help in constantly bringing traffic & engagement to your old posts.

7) And the widgets you need to have

Your social media channels are an extremely important part of your blog as this helps your content to get shared across the web. Displaying social share buttons to your posts and having direct links on the sidebar to your official social media pages can help in bringing new visitors as well as keeping your current ones updated. 

Displaying the search tool on the sidebar is important in allowing your visitors to find what they`re looking for much faster.

Subscribe buttons are great for bringing visitors back to your site and letting them know when new content is published.

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  1. Great tips! I really needed this :) thank you!!

    1. thank you Deborah, I`m glad you find them useful :)

  2. I should have read you before I designed mine! So useful tips! :)

  3. This was really helpful, I commented on a post you did recently on how to gain more followers and this one is really helpful too!