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Travel in Style: Sa Cabana Mallorca Hotel Review

hotel sa cabana review

For our trip to Mallorca we chose to stay at this stylish hotel and spa in a village around 20 mins from Palma. The hotel is fairly new and everything looks very polished, but the thing that impressed us the most was the great service. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and made our trip even more memorable.

1. The room (15/20)

The room my partner and I shared was the double with balcony. The room was very large as well as the bed which I loved. Overall we`ve been pretty happy with our room, the only downside we had is that at night it could get a bit chilly and there was no option of turning the heating on. The hotel is very new so there are still some details missing here and there but the service is so good that it doesn`t really matter that much.
hotel sa cabana room
hotel sa cabana room
sa cabana room
sa cabana review

2. The breakfast & other dining options (14/20)

The breakfast wasn`t the best, there wasn`t a large variety and the later you woke up the less you tended to find. The dinner however was pretty good and quite good value. We had here two dinners and we enjoyed both of them.
sa cabana restaurant
hotel sa cabana review

3. The pool & spa (12/20)

The pool was unfortunately unheated which meant it wasn`t really usable for this time of the year. The spa was nice and free but it was missing attention to detail. The jacuzzi wasn`t really hot enough for a jacuzzi, and the steam room wasn`t very steamy.

4. Location (13/20)

Sa Cabana is located near Consell which is a very tiny town with nothing much going on so unfortunately you`re always depending on your car for going out. If you don`t mind driving then it`s actually not that bad as you`re around 20 mins from Palma and around 40 mins from some very beautiful nearby villages like Soller, Valldemossa, and Deia.

Room (15/20)
Breakfast & other dining (14/20)
Pool & spa (12/20)
Other facilities (14/20)
Service & atmosphere (18/20)
Location (13/20)

Overall rating: 14/20
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  1. wow, it looks so beautiful, I wish I could be there!