Sunday, 22 June 2014

Facebook Ads for your blog? Worth it or not?

facebook ads for blog

The effectiveness of Facebook ads for a brand`s official Facebook page has been debated for quite a while now. The ads can start for as little as $5 per day and you can set filters so you can target the audience you`re most interested in.  Most brands use the Facebook ads as well as small and big bloggers.  Growing your audience on any social channel for your blog is not an easy thing so bloggers have learnt to utilize the social tools smartly. Many see Facebook ads negative, personally I think if you see your blog as a business then as any business it needs investment to grow and pretty much most of the fashion or beauty blogs you see that have half of million of Likes have used ads at some point. If you see your blog more as a hobby then you probably do not need to invest money in ads and you can just let it grow organically. 

The most common benefits that come with using Facebook ads for your blog are:

Higher numbers of Facebook followers means higher chances of organic followers in future - this very much has to do with the way we humans perceive success. People assume that a blog with high number of followers must be a good blog so they start following as well. It is obviously quite a flawed conception, number of followers has nothing to do with quality, but unfortunately it`s still a trap we tend to fall into. Bloggers will use ads to grow their overall numbers so they can attract new organic followers in the future.

Bigger opportunities when working with brands - all brands or PR agencies nowadays will look for a blog`s stats before they engage with them in campaigns and obviously the main people they want to work with are the ones with the largest communities which in return can benefit their client. Building up an initial base can be great when you`re just starting a blog and you want to start working with brands.

Higher engagement rate - with $5-$10 per day you`re probably not gonna get a very targeted audience and more just an increase in numbers but even among those people you`re still gonna get a few more people Liking, sharing or commenting on your posts which means your posts will get a higher reach.

Increase in traffic to your blog & increase in followers on your other channels (e.g. Twitter & Bloglovin`) - once your numbers will start growing, as long as you keep updating your Facebook page with your new blog posts you should be able to see some of those people going onto your blog and potentially subscribing to your blog on other channels as well. Again it is important to remember that if you have 2,000 Facebook Likes on your page from ads then you aren`t really gonna get as much traffic to your blog as you would get if you had 2,000 people that have liked your page organically.

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  1. I think Facebook ads for blogs are great! I've already used this a bit, and plan on using it more in the future.

    xoxo Sienna