Monday, 2 June 2014

How much should trends influence your style?

trends influence style

In the current fast-fashion world that we live in trends come and go at such a rapid speed that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice and information on what is the “new thing” to wear, being fed to us by the media, social channels, and the people around us. This month wedges are in season, next month cut out boots, and by the following month all these are already considered old. So how much should trends really influence our style?

I`m as guilty as anyone of getting seduced by trends and sometimes I`ll buy something and in a few days (once my rational senses kick in) I wonder if I really like what I bought, am I even gonna wear it, and how did I get so brainwashed?! Some of my worst purchases include studded boots (the signs of failure were so clear with this one but I still chose to ignore them), the sheer split maxi skirt (still trying to get rid of it without anyone knowing it was once mine), the trashy cut out bodycon dress (the minute I got it home I was like "wtf did I just do" and never wore it even once), and the lists continues. Fortunately all these are purchases from 3-4 years ago when I was still young and foolish. Don`t get me wrong I`m still pretty foolish right now just not as much, so I guess the world classifies this as "progress".
I think it`s ok to have that guilty purchase once in a while but I try every time I buy something to ask myself: am I even gonna wear it? Does it fit with my own personal style? Is it worth the cost? Is it just something I saw on a blog and thought it looked great? Am I being delusional? And if you don`t have much time to ask yourself all these questions start with the last one.

The reality is, fashion bloggers are being sent a lot of free stuff to publish on their blogs and many times these pieces are things they wouldn`t otherwise purchase themselves. Or a blogger makes a blog post with something they got and then another blogger sees it and buys one as well and before you know it all bloggers are wearing the same thing and they have started a trend that their readers think they want to be part of as well.
And it`s the same with online or printed magazines, some editor notices that 2 designers have used fruits in their prints and suddenly they make a colourful spread in magazine with fruit prints as the new trend which lasts till about next month`s issue when floral prints are in trend, and then geometric prints, and then baroque, and so on.

Fortunately there are a lot of new designers at the moment that are trying to get the fashion industry to slow down and start appreciating again quality designs and the enjoyment of making a timeless purchase but till then what`s your opinion on the current fast fashion trends? Have you ever made a bad purchase due to these trends? 

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