Monday, 9 June 2014

Posh Brunch at Tom`s Kitchen

Tom`s Kitchen is a Chelsea crowds favourite for breakfast and brunch. On weekend mornings the place is full of well groomed men with Polo shirts and perfectly dressed women that seemed to have found the answer to the perfect blow dry. Frankly I pretty much dislike all this kind of places where from the moment you step in you know you`re gonna pay a reasonable high price for average food. The service was pretty horrendous as well, we had to keep reminding the waiter that yes we did want water, yes we did want the food we ordered, yes we did want our drinks that never seemed to arrive.  Now this sounds like the intro of a bad review of a restaurant and yes, you`re right, it is!
tom`s kitchen review

My partner ordered the beef burger (11/20) which was ok but the meat was overcooked and overall pretty boring. 
tom`s kitchen burger
I had the grilled steak sandwich (13/20), the seasoning was nice but the beef was again overcooked and quite chewy. 
tom`s kitchen grilled steak sandwich
This was actually the first time I`ve had a floating island (13/20) so I can`t really compare it with other experiences. 
tom`s kitchen floating island

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  1. Hi Alina!

    That burger looks absolutely delicious. What a shame that it was overcooked! I bet it would've tasted amazing had been done right.