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The Stylish Kyoto Travel Guide

stylish kyoto travel guide

Where to stay:
where to stay in kyoto
  • Ryokans- probably the best way of visiting Kyoto is by staying in a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese house. The prices are pretty high and this is mainly because most of them are half or full board. Personally I would recommend finding one that does not include meals as Kyoto has such an amazing cuisine that it would be a pity to miss on it.
  • Boutique hotels- if you are interested in the old, historic part of Kyoto then the best place to stay is in Gion. Boutique hotels are usually cheaper than ryokans with no meals included which means you`re free to explore the city`s many wonderful restaurants. This is the option we went for as well by staying at Gion Maifukan hotel which was right in the heart of Gion and absolutely loved our stay there. 
Restaurants in Kyoto:

Kyoto is definitely a foodie city with both amazing low cost and higher priced restaurants. It`s pretty hard to have a bad meal in this city. Three of our favourites were:
  • Sumibi torito- for delicious yakitori in a stylish place with a great 60s vibe going on.
  • Kappo Sakamoto- for kaiseki traditional meal. Although slightly more on the expensive side the meal here was delicious. Book it for lunch for one of their lunch deals.
  • Maeda coffee shop- for breakfast. In the early mornings you`ll find locals sipping their coffee, reading newspapers, and munching on toast at this cute coffee shop. 
Things to do in Kyoto:
stylish kyoto travel guide
  • Visit the historic Gion & (maybe) spot a geisha- geishas are pretty hard to spot nowadays (we managed to spot only 1 actual proper geisha), but you`ll find a lot of young girls walking the streets of Gion wearing traditional outfits. Gion is a beautiful area nonetheless and getting lost through its streets feels very romantic.
things to do in kyoto
  • Temples visiting- there are A LOT of temples in Kyoto and it will probably take you around 2 weeks to see them all. My two favourites were the Fushimi inari shrine and Kiyomizudera temple. 
  • Arashiyama & bamboo forest day trip- most of you have probably already seen images of the amazing bamboo forest located in Arashiyama which is a 45 minutes bus ride from Gion. The whole area has quite a few parks which makes it perfect for a half day trip.
  • Nishiki market- Kyoto`s main market. Markets are always great for both people and food watching.
  • Bath house- this is something we really wanted to do but didn`t get the chance to. Next time hopefully.
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