Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Stylish Tokyo Travel Guide

stylish tokyo travel guide

Where to stay in Tokyo
where to stay in tokyo
  • The Shangri La Tokyo- this is absolutely an amazing hotel and I actually don`t have anything to reproach it. Everything was thought through till the last detail and it was pretty hard leaving it.
  • The Gate Hotel Asakusa- great boutique hotel in the wonderful area of Asakusa, one of the very few remaining places in Tokyo where you get to see a bit of the old Tokyo. The hotel was very basic but had everything you could need and the service was great.
Restaurants in Tokyo- you can read my full Tokyo food guide here.
  • Sushi Dai- we woke up at 3 am to get in time to this place before the queues get so long it can get 3 hours to get inside. I would happily wake up at 3 am every morning because this was the best sushi we`ve had during our stay. 
  • Maisen Tonkatsu- one of the best tonkatsu in Tokyo, definitely worth trying.
  • Restaurant Sant Pau- beautiful Spanish food, it can be a bit pricey for dinner but they have a great deal for lunch.
  • Sushi Kaneska- and yet another great sushi place very close to the Imperial Palace.
  • Isetan food court- I absolutely love food courts in Asia and this one is mind blowing. Europe needs to learn more about proper food courts. 
Things to do in Tokyo
things to do in tokyo
  • Harajuku- one of the best areas for people watching and crazy delicious crepes.
  • Sensoji temple in Asakusa- Asakusa is a wonderful area of Tokyo, definitely worth visiting for it`s beautiful streets, the food and the impressive Sensoji temple.
  • Purikura- you probably already have heard of these cute photo booths, I`m still laughing looking at the pictures I took with my boyfriend in one of these. 
  • Shiatsu massage- this Japanese massage is amazing and a must after a long day sight seeing. 
  • Meiji shrine- a beautiful shrine in a very peaceful surrounding in the middle of a crazy city.
things to do in tokyo
  • Yoyogi park on Sundays- Yoyogi park is best seen on Sundays when everyone in Tokyo is here having fun, dancing, singing, and playing games. 
  • Sumo match- need I say more?
  • Ghibli museum- if you`re fan of anime this is a must. This museum showcases the work of the Ghibli animation studio. 
  • Tsukiji fish market- wake up early to visit the biggest fish market in the world and have the freshest sushi breakfast at Sushi Dai.
Best shopping in Tokyo
  • Shibuya 109- although the clothing was a bit too girly for me this place is such a landmark of Shibuya that you can`t miss it even just for experience the famous, crazy busy Shibuya crossing.
best shopping in tokyo
  • Shimokita- known as the "hippie" area of Tokyo you can find a lot of vintage, second hand shops here. Hippie in Tokyo is way different than hippie in London so don`t imagine anything similar to Camden market. Everything is much cleaner, organised, and doesn`t smell like booze.
  • Lumine Est in Shinjuku- Shinjuku is definitely my favourite area for shopping and Lumine Est is fantastic for getting to know a bit more about Japanese high street brands.
  • Daikokuya in Shinjuku- this place is fantastic for vintage designer bags shopping. You can find everything from Chanel, Hermes, and Dior with huge discounts. 
  • Omotesando Hills & Ginza- for a bit of designer shopping or at least window shopping these areas are absolutely amazing.
  • Tokyu Hands- perfect for getting souvenirs for back home. You`ll find here a lot of quirky actual useful things. 

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