Monday, 16 June 2014

What makes a good investment piece?

1. Love or lust
First thing when deciding wether your potential purchase will make a good investment piece is to decide wether you feel true love towards it or if you`re feeling the type of "love" you feel after watching Magic Mike. This is a hard one but a good advice I`ve been given is to sleep on it (on the thought that is, not Magic Mike) and if you still feel like buying it after a few days then it might just be true love.

2. Durability & maintenance
The second most important point to keep in mind is to inspect the item`s quality and consider how much maintenance it will require: is the fabric of high quality, is the stitching strong, are there any marks, and so on. Light coloured bags, shoes, coats will often need more caring than dark coloured ones so be prepared to take into account the extra costs & time you`ll need to invest in them.

3. Comfort
Thirdly let`s not forget about comfort- one of the most important but very often forgotten or just "omitted" by passionate shoppers. It is indeed very easy to forget about comfort when you`re in that shopping craze zone but especially when buying more expensive items try them on and see how comfortable you feel in them. If you don`t feel comfortable in them then you`re less likely gonna be feeling confident in them and more likely to soon forget them in the back of your closet.

4. Price per wear
And of course the famous price per wear. Are you gonna wear the item enough to make up for the costs? This is very tied up with point number 2 of durability & maintenance. If your item can`t resist the test of time then you`re less likely you`re gonna make up for the money spent.

5. Don`t be afraid of colour
Lastly, most people when they think of investment pieces they immediately think of anything black. And while it`s true that black items are easier to maintain and less likely they`re gonna be out of fashion, colourful pieces can be as exciting, if not even more exciting, timeless pieces as black ones. As long as you aren`t buying a nude painting of yourself on a bag then you should probably be fine.

Is there anything else you would add to the list?
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