Thursday, 17 July 2014

Travel in Style: The Gate Hotel Asakusa Review

We decided to stay in two different locations in Tokyo to get to see even more of this amazing city. One of the locations was at Tokyo Station where we stayed at The Shangri La and the other location was in Asakusa where we stayed at the Gate Hotel, a 4 stars boutique hotel.
gate hotel asakusa review
1. The room (12/20)

The room was quite small but that`s quite common in Tokyo. It was very clean and tidy, with all the necessary amenities. The price is also quite affordable so it`s quite good value for money.
gate hotel asakusa review
gate hotel asakusa review

2. The breakfast & other dining options (9/20)

The breakfast was of very good quality although there wasn`t much diversity so after 2 days we were already craving something else. Also a thing to keep in mind is that in Tokyo none of the hotels seem to be including breakfast in their room price which means you`ll have to pay separately each morning if you wish to dine at the hotel for breakfast. 
The hotel only has a restaurant so there weren`t many dining options available. However it is located near the foodie area of Asakusa so you just need to go downstairs if you want to go to a restaurant. 

3. Location (12/20)

As mentioned earlier the hotel is in walking distance from plenty of restaurants. Another plus is that there is a 24 hour open sushi place right in front of the hotel, perfect for late night, jet lagged meals. There is also a supermarket downstairs and a 7 Eleven near by that accepts international cards. The tube & bus stations are within walking distance although you`re quite far away from the city centre.

Room (12/20)
Breakfast & other dining options (9/20)
Facilities (9/20)
Service & atmosphere (12/20)
Location (12/20)
Price $$

Overall rating: 11/20

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