Friday, 15 August 2014

A Wong Restaurant Review

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went for dinner at A Wong in Victoria, a restaurant focused on Chinese cuisine but with a modern twist. Chinese cuisine is one of those cuisines where it`s particularly hard to reinterpret it as most people prefer the homely feel the traditional dishes have. A Wong has definitely managed to keep the flavour of traditional recipes while still making you feel like you`re sampling something new and exciting.
Beef with oyster sauce (12/20) was one of my partner`s favourite.
a wong restaurant review
Monk fish cheeks (14/20) were definitely my favourite of all the dishes we`ve had. Also loved the sweetness of pomegranate.  
a wong restaurant review
Chicken with cashew nuts (10/20) was ok but not my favourite as I found the chicken a bit dry.
a wong restaurant review
Jellyfish (12/20) was very light with bits of crunchiness and spice. Another favourite!
a wong restaurant review
Overall rating: 12/20
Price: £££
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  1. the food looks amazing!
    xoxo Sienna