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How to find the best local restaurants while travelling

how to find the best local restaurants while travelling
Lucky find in Mallorca, this place had delicious, fresh seafood and breathtaking views - Ca`s Padro March

1. Research blogger reviews of local restaurants or area guides
This is one of my pre travel must dos. I prefer researching local bloggers guides or travel bloggers guides that have been to the area as I find their reviews more trustworthy than online magazines that just recycle articles and tips from other sites.

2. Don`t trust over positive review sites
Sites like Tripadvisor although great for finding hidden gems can also be filled with spammy reviews especially for very touristic destinations like Venice, Paris, Rome. Usually if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Always make sure to double check the restaurants you find on review sites on other sites.
how to find the best local restaurants while travelling
Issaya Siamese Club, Bangkok - I love when food tastes as good as it looks

3. Ask suggestions from friends/ family that have visited the area
A no brainer! If you`re lucky to have had friends or family that have visited the area and tried local restaurants then it`s good to hear their opinion, even if it`s just for places you should avoid.

4. Stay away from restaurants offering "tourist menus"
The most common scam of all but still so easy to fall into especially when you`re tired and hungry. Anywhere you find tourist menus translated in 5 different languages then most likely the food won`t be very good and extremely overpriced. Usually these types of restaurants are in large squares or near the popular tourist attractions.

5. Ask for recommendations from your host, hotel concierge or locals
As a rule of thumb if you`re staying in a hotel it`s good not to go with the first recommendation they give you as that`s usually the one that they have to promote. The more recommendations they give you the more likely you`re gonna find in there a few really good local restaurants.

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  1. Great article! Going to remember this one

  2. Or meet up with people from Couchsurfing and see what they'd recommend :)

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