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The Stylish Sicily Travel Guide

sicily travel guide
Taormina town centre
Where to stay in Sicily:
  • We stayed at Hotel Villa Belvedere in the beautiful town of Taormina. It had beautiful views and the service was amazing however if you`re not driving beware that it`s a bit far from the beach. Sicily is quite a large island and each area has something new to offer so it`s best to research before where it will be the most convenient for your stay.
 where to stay in sicily
The amazing view from our hotel in Taormina
Where to eat in Sicily:

  •  Sicily has A LOT of good restaurants. As long as you stay away from the main squares where tourist restaurants usually sit then your food should be pretty good.
  • For something more fancy there are a few Michelin Star restaurants worth trying like La Madia, Il Duomo in Ragusa, and Principe Cerami in Taormina.
  • Two other good dinners we`ve had in Sicily were at Vicolo Stretto and Vineria Modi, both in Taormina.
 sicily restaurants
Delicious orange salad in Taormina
where to eat in sicily
Some sort of fish pasta at Vicolo Stretto
Things to do in Sicily:
  • Take road trips across the island: there are many exciting little towns in Sicily and the island is best explored by car. Syracuse, Taormina, Cefalu, Palermo are just a few worth of visit.
  • Visit the food markets: Catania & Palermo do some amazing food markets that will please any foodie.
  • Take a boat trip to nearby, smaller islands such as Isle Eolie or Lipari.
  • Visit a few of Sicily`s most famous attractions such as the Greek theatre of Taormina, Valle dei Templi, Zisa castle in Palermo.
  • Take a hike on Mount Edna
  • Swim, sun bath, have a massage and repeat
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