Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Today`s Outfit: Styling the Chanel Bag

styling chanel bag
styling chanel bag
styling chanel bag
styling chanel bag
styling chanel bag
(H&M striped top, Mango skirt, Converse shoes, Chanel bag, Marc Jacobs watch)

I`ve taken a bit of a break from blogging in the last few weeks but it`s always great to get back to this little space that has been one of my passions for so long.
We took these photos just a few days back as we were enjoying some great summer weather in London and finally took out for a spin my new Chanel bag that I got in Tokyo. Hopefully this is just one of the many Chanels that will follow :). Tokyo is one of the best places to shop for designer items as you can get such great bargains. I strolled around the shop for 2 days in a row, constantly contemplating whether I should buy it or not, to the point that I even started dreaming of holding it in my hands or having nightmares about being bankrupt. At this stage I pretty much knew I just need to take the plunge and buy it and so I returned for the 3rd day, sweaty palms, holding tight my card before giving it to the sales woman that rapidly swiped it without the blink of an eye (I`m guessing she`s done this many times before). The good thing is I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Chanel bag, the bad thing is now I have to eat beans for the next 5 years. Would I do it again? hell yes!
Now in terms of styling it I always loved the mix of designer pieces with high street or vintage items, or adding a bit of luxury to an otherwise casual outfit which is why I paired it with this new Mango skirt I love (such a great hippie print!) and my old, faithful and slightly dirty Converse (raise your hand if you`re the same as me and believe that Converse should never be washed). Can`t wait to style it next time with a little black dress.
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  1. buying a designer bag is something that is really hard to do :)) it's like taking a huge decision to swipe that credit card or not!
    lovely look mixing up designer and vintage pieces!

    Pudding Monster